LG CordZero – Cinderella? Don’t know her

CordZero curious? If you've been wanting an LG CordZero forever and are nervous to pull the plug, we're here for you with a rundown of LG CordZero features and why you'll love them when cleaning your home.

Brooms, what’s the point of them? Pushing crumbs across the floor like Cinderella is not a vibe. Sure you can pretend you’re a pirate swabbing the decks on the high seas but you can only maintain that facade if you’re alone or your significant other gives you worried looks and starts having hushed conversations on the phone with your close relatives. Leave the ancient technology in the broom cupboard and step into the future with a stick vac.

Gone are the days where we have to drag the vacuum behind us, maneuvering around corners and up stairs and plugging and unplugging and re-plugging into various power points. Cast off the shackles of yesterday - a stick vac will set you free! Or at least make it easier to vacuum cat hair off your belongings. A good stick vac is light and portable, with at least one rechargeable battery, different power modes to suit your needs and, of course, it has to suck. Powerful suction is the number one requirement for any vacuum. The LG CordZero has all this in spades and more, and boy, does it suck.

Suction Power

Let’s start with the fun stuff: the power. The LG CordZero combines a Smart Inverter Motor™ and the Axial Turbo Cyclone technology to separate dirt and dust and maintain powerful, long-lasting suction. This powerful suction combined with a 5 step filtration system helps to capture 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns in size - that’s some heckin’ small dust! With three power modes you can run the LG CordZero according to your specific needs, normal power mode for hard surfaces, power and turbo modes are better suited for thicker carpets. The power mode controls are on the handle of the device, making it super easy to change power with just your thumb.

The metal filter, cloth pre-filter and fine dust filter can all be removed and washed in water for easy and simple maintenance.

close up on LG cordzero handle

Battery Life

One of the drawbacks to a cordless stick vac is the battery life. Often you won’t have enough time to vacuum your whole house before the battery needs to be recharged. The LG CordZero overcomes this by coming with two batteries, so one can charge while the other one is in use. Never use a flat battery as an excuse to procrastinate on your cleaning again! Using both batteries you can get a run time of up to 120 minutes (varies depending on nozzles and power mode used), more than enough time for most household jobs.

lg cordzero batteries are easy to change over with most models coming with two batteries

Dust Collection

Previously the advantage barrel vacuums had over stick vacs was how long you could vacuum without having to empty the bin or bag. The LG CordZero now features Kompressor technology, which compresses the dust and hair collecting in the bin so it can hold more before you need to empty it, helping you to work smarter and not harder.

LG CordZero Kompressor dust bin in action

Adjustable Length

An adjustable wand length extends or retracts for comfortable and versatile use, so if your husband has been excusing himself from vacuuming because stooping hurts his back (he’s at best 5’10” but I digress), you can happily show him how the wand extends for his comfort. You can also clean in high corners, air con vents and curtains.

What do you need to vacuum? Here’s my list:

  • the rug,
  • the bedroom carpets,
  • the stairs,
  • my car,
  • cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling,
  • everything that my child has ever touched.

Included Accessories

Here’s a list of the included nozzles and accessories for every job you could imagine.

  • Power Drive Mop: vacuum and mop at the same time! Heaven is a place on Earth.
  • Power Drive Mini: vacuum fabric surfaces like sofas, furniture, bedding, your car seats. Toast crumbs from your bed but you haven’t eaten toast lately?! Gone.
  • Multi Surface Nozzle: the anything but basic nozzle you’ll use for the floor.
  • Crevice tool: Clean awkward and hard to reach areas like around car seat belts or along door tracks.
  • Combination tool: a 2-in-1 accessory that can be either a soft brush or a hard nozzle, the brush being used to gently sweep and loosen dust before being sucked up (like around the keys of a computer keyboard).

So stop sweeping up crumbs and dragging a huge barrel vac along the floor behind you, grab yourself a LG CordZero and upgrade your life. Cinderella? Don’t know her.

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