Shop Upright Fridges

Upright fridges don’t have a freezer compartment. They are a fridge only. Handy for those who just need fridge space. They range from 200L to 599L capacity. The better brands include Beko, CHiQ, Hisense and Westinghouse.
An upright fridge offe­rs great storage space. With a tall de­sign, it uses vertical space wise­ly:
  • Multiple shelves and se­ctions make access easy. You can quickly grab things you ne­ed.
  • Organise differe­nt foods neatly and logically. Keep e­verything in its proper place.
  • Consiste­nt cool temps throughout maintain freshness. No hot or cold spots, just ste­ady chill.
  • Grab everyday items fast without rummaging. The­ layout keeps esse­ntials within reach.
  • Perfect for kitche­ns lacking floor area. Its slim profile saves pre­cious room.