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Shop dishwashers from our range of built-in or free standing models from big brands such as Beko, Smeg, Haier, Westinghouse and more at one of our 80 stores across Australia. From modern intelligent wash cycles to self cleaning filters, water and energy efficient technology, there is a brand and model to fit every Kitchen. Not sure
The best type of dishwasher to buy depends on individual preferences and needs. Built-in dishwashers are popular for seamless integration with kitchen cabinets, while portable dishwashers offer flexibility for renters or smaller spaces. Consider factors like size, capacity, and energy efficiency when choosing the right dishwasher for your home.
The difference between built-in and freestanding dishwashers lies in their installation and integration with kitchen design:

Built-in Dishwashers:
  • Installed beneath the countertop and integrated with cabinetry for a seamless look.
  • Typically, they offer a customized appearance and are designed to blend with kitchen aesthetics.
  • Requires professional installation and may be more costly upfront due to installation complexity.

    Freestanding Dishwashers:
  • Stand alone and can be placed anywhere with access to water and electricity.
  • Often come with finished sides and top, suitable for placement in open kitchen layouts.
  • Easier to install and usually more budget-friendly compared to built-in options.
  • A freestanding dishwasher is a standalone appliance designed for easy placement anywhere in the kitchen with access to water and electricity. Unlike built-in models, it does not require installation beneath a countertop or integration with cabinetry, offering flexibility in kitchen layout. Freestanding dishwashers typically come with finished sides and top, making them suitable for open kitchen designs. They are easier to install and often more budget-friendly compared to built-in options, making them a popular choice for renters or those looking for convenient and versatile dishwasher solutions.
    Freestanding dishwashers come in a range of models with varying water efficiency. Some newer models incorporate advanced technology, such as sensor-driven cycles and efficient spray patterns, to minimize water usage. However, older or less advanced models may use more water per cycle. It's important to check the water consumption specifications provided by the manufacturer to determine the water efficiency of a specific freestanding dishwasher. Additionally, looking for models with ENERGY STAR certification can indicate higher overall efficiency, including water usage.