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Cooking with Gas produces instant heat which means no wait time for elements to warm up. Stylish and practical, our range of gas cooktops give you choice in colours, size, and finish from leading brands such as Beko, Chef, Electrolux, Westinghouse and Smeg. Flexible payment options, delivery, installation, warranty and quality service – Bi-Rite has you covered!
Gas cooktops consist of burners positioned on a metal surface, typically made of stainless steel or glass. They offer instant heat, allowing for quick adjustments during cooking. Gas cooktops are popular among chefs and cooking enthusiasts for their responsiveness and ability to achieve high heat levels, making them suitable for tasks like searing and stir-frying. Additionally, some gas cooktops feature continuous grates or removable griddle plates, enhancing versatility and ease of use.
Gas cooktops typically provide more precise temperature control and faster heating compared to electric cooktops. They are preferred by many chefs for their responsiveness and ability to quickly adjust heat levels. Gas cooktops also offer visual cues, such as flames, which can help users gauge heat intensity.

On the other hand, electric cooktops tend to have a smoother and more even heating surface, making them suitable for delicate cooking tasks like simmering and melting. They are generally easier to clean since the surface is usually flat and smooth. Additionally, electric cooktops are often considered safer because there's no open flame, reducing the risk of gas leaks or accidental fires.