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Prolytic ovens are sometimes called self cleaning ovens. They use a very high temperature to incinerate residual food inside the oven leaving a fine ash when finished. The ash is simply wiped away with a damp cloth without the need for chemical oven cleaners and harsh scrubbing. They are very well insulated which makes them more efficient and the kitchen cooler!
Most modern ovens contain multiple heating elements positioned in different parts of the oven allowing the choice of which elements to use. Combined with a fan, grill and other accessories makes the oven very versatile. These can aslo be used in combination giving rise to the term multi function.
A licensed and qualified electrician or appliance installer is recommended for installing an oven to ensure compliance with electrical codes and safety standards. They have the necessary expertise to properly handle electrical connections, ensure proper ventilation, and perform any necessary adjustments for a secure and functional installation. Hiring a professional installer also helps minimise the risk of damage to the oven or surrounding cabinetry during the installation process.
Induction ovens are among the most efficient, which uses electromagnetic technology to directly heat cookware, offering precise temperature control and rapid heating. Induction cooking is generally more energy-efficient than traditional electric or gas ovens. When choosing an oven, consider its energy rating, size, and features. Selecting a model with induction capabilities, or an Energy Star certification contributes to overall efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

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