Shop Top Mount Fridges

Top mount refrigerators have the freezer at the top which is ideal for someone that uses frozen goods in their day to day cooking. With many different styles, from stainless steel finishes or a classic white option, you are sure to find the fridge that matches your kitchen. It is important to consider size before purchasing the fridge. Capacity starts at around 200L, all the way up to 699L fridges for larger households. Ensure you keep a bit of extra space on the sides for plugs. Warranties range from 2,3 or 5 years with some very energy efficient top mount fridges that are cheaper to run. The better top mount fridge brands include Beko, CHiQ, Haier, Hisense, Kelvinator, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Teco and Westinghouse.
Benefits of a top mount fridge:

  • Cost-effective option compared to other configurations.
  • Spacious freezer compartment with wide shelves for easy organisation.
  • Refrigerator section positioned at eye level for convenient access to fresh foods.
  • Typically consumes less energy compared to other configurations.
  • Suitable for kitchens with limited space due to compact design.
  • Simple and traditional layout with straightforward controls.
  • Ideal for individuals or small families with minimal frozen food storage needs.
  • The preference between top mount and bottom mount fridges largely depends on individual needs and kitchen layout. Top mount fridges generally offer more freezer space and are often more budget-friendly. On the other hand, bottom mount fridges provide easier access to fresh foods at eye level, reducing the need for bending or stooping. Consider your storage priorities and kitchen space when deciding which option is better suited for your needs.