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Yes, DVDs can be played in Blu-ray players because Blu-ray players are designed to be backward compatible with older formats like DVDs. This means that Blu-ray players can read and playback DVDs, providing users with the flexibility to enjoy their existing DVD collections alongside Blu-ray discs. Additionally, some Blu-ray players may also support playback of other formats such as CDs, MP3s, and even streaming services, offering a versatile multimedia playback solution.
Blu-ray players are electronic devices designed to play Blu-ray discs, which are optical discs capable of storing high-definition video and audio content. They provide users with an enhanced viewing experience compared to traditional DVDs due to their higher resolution and better audio quality. Blu-ray players typically offer additional features such as internet connectivity for streaming services, USB ports for external media playback, and compatibility with various audio and video formats.
DVD Players allow you to play a huge catalogue of Movies, Documentaries and much more on your TV, DVD Players are somewhat backward compatible in that they will play CDs too.

When choosing a DVD Player consider what you need to connect it to and what you wish to get out of it, Some DVD Players Are PVRs (Personal Video Recorder) too, allowing you to record to either a HDD within them or even other forms of media such as USB.