Shop Pyrolytic Double Ovens

A pyrolytic double oven is a kitchen appliance consisting of two oven compartments, often stacked or side by side, that utilise pyrolytic self-cleaning technology. This technology heats the oven to extremely high temperatures, reducing food residue and grease to ash, which can be easily wiped away after the cleaning cycle. This allows for convenient and efficient cleaning of both oven cavities without the need for manual scrubbing or harsh chemicals.
Pyrolytic cleaning is a self-cleaning method that heats the oven to extremely high temperatures typically around 500°C, turning food residues into ash that can be easily wiped away. It is highly effective at removing stubborn stains and grease but consumes more energy and can produce strong odors during the cleaning cycle.

Steam-assisted cleaning, on the other hand, uses water and steam to soften and loosen stains and grease, making them easier to wipe away. This method is gentler on the oven and consumes less energy compared to pyrolytic cleaning. It also doesn't produce strong odors during the cleaning process.

Both cleaning methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them depends on individual preferences regarding cleaning effectiveness, energy consumption, and convenience.