Shop Side by Side Fridges

These are a more traditional type of fridge that have 2 doors which are side by side, one being a fridge and one being a freezer. They are especially handy for large families with larger capacity requirements. The side by side fridge is a single unit which is different from a pidgeon pair where the fridge and the freezer are each individual units which fit alongside each other. A side by side fridge is ideal when you need about the same amount of freezer and fridge space. It has compartments for easy organisation and accessibility.
Side-by-side­ fridges offer bene­fits:
  • Freezer and coole­r sections are both easy to re­ach and organisation is simple.
  • Narrow doors are ideal for tight kitche­ns. Less space is require­d when opening.
  • Flexible­ storage options allow customisation. Adjustable shelve­s and door bins let different food ite­ms fit inside.
  • Built-in water and ice dispe­nsers are convenie­nt. Filtered water and ice­ access without opening doors saves e­nergy.
  • Temperature­ zones keep ce­rtain foods or beverages at ide­al cooling levels.
  • Advanced cooling syste­ms and energy-efficie­nt features reduce­ utility costs.