Shop Side by Side Fridges

These are a more traditional type of fridge that have 2 doors which are side by side, one being a fridge and one being a freezer. They are especially handy for large families with larger capacity requirements. The side by side fridge is a single unit which is different from a pidgeon pair where the fridge and the freezer are each individual units which fit alongside each other. A side by side fridge is ideal when you need about the same amount of freezer and fridge space. It has compartments for easy organisation and accessibility.
Benefits of a side-by-side fridge:

  • Equally accessible fresh and frozen compartments for convenient organisation.
  • Narrow doors require less space for opening, ideal for kitchens with limited clearance.
  • Flexible storage options with adjustable shelves and door bins, accommodating various food items and container sizes.
  • Built-in water and ice dispensers provide convenient access to filtered water and ice without opening the door, reducing energy consumption.
  • Tempreture control zones within each compartment allowing customisation for different foods and beverages.
  • Energy efficiency integrating features and cooling systems which reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs