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Vacuum sealing is a food preservation technique that involves removing air from a package before sealing it. This process is typically accomplished using a vacuum sealer machine. The machine suctions the air from the packaging, creating an airtight seal around the contents.
Key Steps in Vacuum Sealing:

1. Preparation: Food items are placed in specially designed vacuum-seal bags or containers.
2. Sealing: The vacuum sealer machine removes the air from the packaging, creating a vacuum and tightly sealing the bag or container.
3. Airtight Barrier: Once sealed, the package forms an airtight barrier around the contents, preventing the entry of air, moisture, and external contaminants.
The benefits of vacuum sealing include:

  • Extended food freshness and shelf life.
  • Prevention of freezer burn.
  • Protection against moisture and air exposure.
  • Space-saving storage.
  • Preservation of flavor and nutrients.