Shop Front Load Washing Machines

Front load washing machines are generally more energy efficient and use less water. Front loaders are typically gentler on clothes during the wash and spin cycles making them a popular choice. They tend to sit lower to the ground where some bending of the back is necessary. However this is easily overcome with a raising box where the top load washing machine is mounted on top of the box making it more accessible. Top loaders come with various features including autodose (where the machines auto adds washing liquid), temperature control and spin speeds. All top loaders come with a manufacturers warranty with an optional backup plan to extend protection
Advantages of front load washing machines include:

  • Efficiency: Generally use less water and energy compared to top load washers.
  • Better cleaning: Tumbling action and higher spin speeds lead to cleaner clothes.
  • Gentler on clothes: Less agitation reduces wear and tear on fabrics.
  • Larger capacity: Can typically accommodate larger loads than top load washers.
  • Space-saving design: Stackable models and space-saving configurations are available.