Air Conditioning Fitment Guide for Split Systems

Choosing the right Split System Air Conditioner for your home is daunting. Bi-Rite is here for you to help you choose the right sized Air Conditioner for your space.

What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

Split system air conditioners are permanently installed into a room in your home or office. They are not something one dismantles to relocate to another home.

As the name implies, split system air conditioners operate using two distinct parts that work in tandem to cool (or heat) your home. A wall mounted part of the air conditioner connects to an exterior unit which sits outside the home. The exterior unit is both a compressor and condenser which is the “engine room” that performs the heating or cooling. Air returns through a ducted pipe from the external unit into the interior wall mount where air flow can be controlled.

Can I install a Split System Myself?

No. They are a specialised unit and can be especially tough to install.

Split Systems Air Conditioners need to be installed by qualified electricians with an ARC approval that allows them to handle refrigerant gases safely.

How much is installation?

It varies and will depend on various factors that affect complexity and the time it takes to install it. It's best to contact a local installer who will provide you with a quote based on your home or office layout, travel time, access to power and any other materials that may be needed to properly finish the installation. Some of the bigger air conditioners may require the installation of three phase power to your home as well. Therefore, installation could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars upward.

How long should a split system last? and do they come with a warranty?

Most modern split system air conditioners are issued with a manufacturer's warranty for five years and in some cases can be extended further. Looked after properly, a split system air conditioner can last for many many years. Thus, it is important to properly fit an air conditioner so that it's not constantly overworked which will ultimately lengthen its life span.

Common Mistakes

You wouldn’t drive a 3 door hatchback up and down a sandy beach. A 4WD would be much better suited for the task. The same applies to air conditioners.

A common misconception is that leaving a smaller air conditioning unit running for long enough will cool or heat a large space. All this does is produce an unnecessarily large power bill without really improving the comfort of your home. In the long run it's hardly worth it. It's best to match your space with a split system air conditioner big enough to cool or heat the room. This way power is easily regulated for maximum efficiency reducing your energy consumption and increasing the comfort in your home or office.

Choosing the Right Size

As a guide, the following split systems are best suited for the space in your home.

Room size (square metres) Room Recommended Air Conditioner
10 - 20m Small bedroom or study Choose from the 2-3kW range.
20 - 30m2 Media room or dining room Choose from the 3-4kW range.
30 - 45m2 Large bedroom, mid sized living or dining areas or a home office. Choose from the 5-6kW range.
45 - 65m2 Large or open plan areas, rooms with high ceilings. Choose from the 7-9kW range.

Before you buy

Measure up your space with a tape measure to determine its dimensions then call one of our local stores who can advise you on the best split system air conditioner to suit your needs. Ask about installation and delivery.

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