Grillin’ Like A Villain: The BeefEater Bugg Portable BBQ

The BBQ is traditionally the dad’s domain. Barbecued food is very satisfying to cook, brings us together in the backyard and is also extremely delicious. What’s not to love? Before you can get stuck into your steaks, you need a BBQ to get your grill on.

BBQ But Make It Aesthetic

The BeefEater Bugg Portable BBQ is portable, convenient and cute as a button. Gone are the days of the clunky old eyesore, with the BeefEater Bugg the old-school grill turned modern day BBQ aesthetic comes standard. Two side tables lock in for your convenience and then when you need to store or move the unit they’re easily stored away. A Spring-Assist Hood on top lowers gently, with a hood thermometer so you can see the internal temperature without opening the hood and letting the heat escape.

Grill On The Go

The Bugg BBQ can be taken anywhere you are. Lightweight and durable, move it without worrying you’ll damage it. You can hang it on a wall, sit it on a bench or table top, or have it on the stand. You can bring it anywhere for delicious BBQ wherever you want. Grill at the park, grill at your friend’s place, wedding a bit boring? Fire up the Bugg. Forgot to bring your lunch to work? You didn’t forget your Bugg so chuck it on your desk and go. The trolley that comes with the Bugg has heavy duty wheels so you can easily move that too. Get the Bugg for your hubby and you can have him cook dinner for you at the far side of the yard where you can’t hear him explain to you what a cow is. Heaven.

beefeater 10bugg portable bbq in amber colour on a balcony, cover open with food cooking

Start Her Up

High performance Quartz StartIgnition fires up the Bugg first time, every time. Dual temperature control ensures even heat minus the flare-ups (although these can be entertaining). Two powerful, independently controlled burners ensure a superior performance on the large hot plate. Speaking of, the extra large cooking surface is big enough for all of your entertaining and BBQing needs. Once you’ve finished cooking, cleanup and pack away is easy peasy with the Bugg. Locked-in grease tray and easy-clean hood make the cleanup super fast, and the detachable shelves and accessory hooks mean you can pack up and go ASAP. BBQ and then smoke bomb when you need to.

But Wait, There’s More

Getting into cooking is fun, and fosters your creativity. After a few goes of BBQing and roasting delicious foods with your Bugg, you might want to go further. There are a number of accessories available including a baking dish, roast holder and pizza stone set for more and more delicious creations. 

Grillin’ Like A Villain

The BeefEater Bugg Portable BBQ is everything we love about our outdoor kitchen. Synonymous with Australian culture, the Bugg will enable you to delegate the cooking entirely to your partner while you put your feet up and pretend you can’t hear him over the sizzling. Sounds like bliss to me.

Come down to your local Bi-Rite and ask about the Bugg today!

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