All About The Westinghouse 541L Stainless French Door Fridge

The Westinghouse 541L Stainless French Door Fridge is a beautifully styled fridge designed to fit into the modern Australian kitchen and fit in with the modern Australian family

A new fridge is one of the biggest appliance purchases you will make for your home. You use it every day so it has to be the right one for your family, it has to fit into your kitchen and it has to fit in with the style of your home. We’ve got just the thing.

The Westinghouse 541L Stainless French Door Fridge is a beautifully styled fridge designed to fit into the modern Australian kitchen and fit in with the modern Australian family. Featuring a flexible four door design with loads of space on the inside and taking up minimal space in your kitchen cabinetry this fridge is another quality Westinghouse appliance. 

Designed for your kitchen

Ancient or modern, spacious or a little bit pokey, this fridge will fit into a gap just 90cm wide while still having a decent 541L capacity. An ultra modern quad door design, its stainless steel exterior fits in with most decor styles so no matter what your vibe is it’ll still fit in. The long bar handles are timeless and add an extra pop to the exterior styling.

Designed for your family

Westinghouse has a clever little interior design called FlexSpace. Adjust the door bins (both vertically and horizontally) and adjust the shelves, you could put a party platter in or an extra tall cake. FlexFresh easy glide crispers open effortlessly even when you’ve packed them full. The crispers are also humidity controlled to keep your produce lasting long enough to make you feel guilty for putting it in there and then buying takeaway. I mean no one cooks on shopping day anyway.

Also in the fridge you’ll find a FamilySafe lockable compartment - put your chocolate in there for when your kids figure out that it actually isn’t yucky medicine that they won’t like as you’ve been telling them their whole lives. Sigh. You could also keep some of your skincare in here, formulas with vitamin c and retinol will keep longer kept chilled.

A quad door fridge brings the dual door design down to the freezer, and with 7 freezer compartments you can keep it all organised. Sometimes I have to quickly open the fridge and grab whatever I need and quickly close it again lest everything come tumbling out. Don’t be me, get a fridge with organised freezer compartments like this one.

Westinghouse WQE6000SB quad door fridge front view with open doors

Designed to minimize mess

Have you ever spilled something in the fridge and it seems to permeate the entire interior cavity of your fridge until it finally gains sentience and takes over your family? Worry not, this fridge has Spillsafe glass shelves that can hold up to one litre of liquid to stop the spill from spreading to your whole life.

Also on the topic of minimizing mess is the fingerprint resistant exterior. If you have a toddler you know all about this - you see so many fingerprints on your things you could be on CSI. Fingerprints are very easily wiped off this sleek exterior. If only you could say the same about my glasses - when my toddler’s finished trying them on for the 85th time they look like they’ve been cleaned with a meat patty.

Happy to help

The Westinghouse 541L Stainless French Door Fridge is a great quad door fridge option for the large or growing family. Loads of flexible interior space means you can store whatever you need to store inside - go nuts at the checkout knowing it’ll all still fit inside. The sleek design doesn’t demand to be the centre of attention in your kitchen design and you’ve got the peace of mind that mess can easily be contained and cleaned with handy features that just make sense like Spillsafe shelves and a fingerprint resistant exterior.

If you’d like to check one of these out, come on down to your local Bi-Rite and chat to one of our friendly local experts about the right fridge for your family.

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