All About The Westinghouse 8kg Top Load Washer

Learn all about the brand new Westinghouse 8kg Top Load Washing Machine.

If you are what you use to wash your clothes then I’m fast, easy and gentle.

Don’t you love when something is easy and not a big deal? What if that something was the laundry? When I think about washing my clothes, “easy”, “fast” and “gentle” are not words that I would usually use. “Tiresome”, “drudgery”, “Sisyphean task” and “not hot girl business” are the words I use.

If you’re here looking for a solution then you’ve come to the right place! Westinghouse’s new laundry appliances are an all new addition to Bi-Rite’s laundry line up, and if you’re Team Top Loader you’ll be frothing at this one.

Start with the aesthetic

The Westinghouse 8kg Top Load Washer has a classic white finish on the outside with a black glass soft-closing lid. The fascia (fancy name for the control panelly bits at the top) is a matte finish and feels like quality in the hands.

I feel like this black and white aesthetic could match a range of decors, if you like the ultra-modern or industrial style of decorating then this one will fit for sure. If your decor is Hamptons/colonial style then this probably won’t fit unless you have black fixtures in the laundry too. If there’s no black at all in your decor then bring a picture of your laundry room when you come to check the washer out in store.

Basically, when weighing up the features, consider the look to be a feature as well and decide which features are the most important.


Westinghouse wwt8084j7wa 8kg top load washer front angle view


The 8kg capacity is great for small to medium families who prefer to wash less often - weekend warriors this one's for you!

Wash programs

With 12 wash programs with fast wash options to suit your busy lifestyle.

Gentle on your clothes

This model features a drum that’s designed to be gentle on your clothes, with thousands of holes for enhanced water flow to dissolve detergent quickly. Combine this with a gentle wash option that mimics hand wash motions and you can trust that your clothes will be cared for gently.

Water Level Sensor

The auto water level sensor helps to conserve nature’s most precious resource by automatically choosing the ideal water level for each wash.

Control Panel

Easy to use and easy to clean - you’re seeing the theme here - it’s easy!

westinghouse wwt8084j7wa control panel front angle close up

Things to consider:

Capacity: always consider how often and how much you have to wash when buying a washer
Measurements: measure the space to make sure the washer will fit
Water/energy consumption: this model has 3 Star Energy and Water ratings
Top loader v. front loader: do you have a preference? Read our blog here to learn about the difference between top and front loaders
Warranty: this model comes with a 2 year warranty.

Here’s the spin cycle

The Westinghouse 8kg Top Load Washer is a great machine, particularly for busy families who need their clothes cleaned quickly but also need a big capacity and multiple wash options.

The classy black soft-closing lid is that little touch of fancy we all need in the laundry, and the gentle drum and gentle wash motions are ideal for delicates for all ages. Come down to your local Bi-Rite to check out this washer and the rest of Westinghouse’s new laundry range!

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