Beko Spotlight – They’re Big In Europe and Beloved at Bi-Rite

Bi-Rite loves Beko because of Beko’s continued focus on innovation to make their customer’s lives both easier and healthier, their global initiative to combat childhood obesity and their strong commitment to high ethical standards. Oooh Beko, talk ethically to me.

They’ve also got some pretty sweet appliances, here’s our top picks. As usual - visit our experts in store to talk you through any major appliance purchase to make sure it’s the best fit for your fam.

Beko 10kg Front Load AutoDose Washing Machine

This washer has a ton of features (like many front load washers, here’s our guide to front load v. top load) including a high efficiency, low noise motor, the StainExpert Program designed to treat 24 different types of stains, a Pet Hair Removal function for hair-free clothes, AntiCrease technology, a fast 14 min quick cycle, huge 10kg capacity, 10 year motor warranty and 1400rpm spin speed and the list goes on and on and on, but the real star is the AutoDose technology.

What is AutoDose?

It’s the way of the future. AutoDose is where you fill your machine up with liquid detergent and fabric softener and the machine automatically dispenses just the right amount of both for whichever program you select. This takes the guesswork out of using the right amount of detergent, you won’t even have to add it before every wash. Your clothes come out perfectly clean and you aren’t overusing detergent, saving you money and preserving the quality and colour vibrancy of your clothes.

A 5 year manufacturer warranty and 10 year compressor/motor warranty should see you through to when humans have evolved past the need for clothes.


laundry detergent being poured into a Beko AutoDose washing machine


Beko 8kg Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer

Do you like new technologies? This is the latest of the new technology for dryers. Usually when you think of using a dryer for your clothes, you feel guilty at the electricity cost or the damage to your clothes. A heat pump dryer like this one uses a lower heat to gently dry your clothes (see our blog post here for a quick rundown on the different dryer types). It does take longer than a vented dryer, but this Beko model comes with a RapiDry function to quick-dry your clothes when you’re short on time. Use the normal energy saving function guilt free, this model has an eight star energy rating (yes, you read that correctly). It’s also super quiet and very gentle on your clothes. 8kg capacity (probably bigger than your old vented one) and warranties up to its eyeballs (5 year manufacturer warranty + 10 year compressor/motor warranty) make this the dryer of your dreams.


close up image of the control panel of a Beko Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer


Beko 90cm Multi-functional Freestanding Cooker

This Freestanding Cooker has so many functions and features - three oven cavities (that’s the fancy name for the hole the roast goes in), four gas burners and a wok burner. Have you heard the saying “if you’re looking it’s not cooking”? Now that you’ve heard it, forget it again because this cooker has Halogen Illumination so you can look and cook at the same time with the door shut. Telescopic Shelves so you can pull the shelves all the way out without your dinner falling uselessly to the floor. A Gas Safety feature which automatically shuts off the gas if the burner flame is extinguished giving you peace of mind against gas leaks. Top it off with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and styling that looks right at home next to your trendy subway tiles backsplash - heaven.

front on image of a black Beko freestanding cooker

Beko 16 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher

I’ve only recently spoken of my deep and enduring love for dishwashers. Outsourcing the most unpleasant of tasks to a machine is the modern convenience we all deserve living in the future such as we are. For this model the love starts when loading it: you can adjust the upper rack to three different positions to create more room inside for large dishes or long-stem glasses. It has a full size cutlery tray as well as a sliding cutlery basket and a number of Easy Fold Plate Supports that can be folded easily to make room for anything your heart desires.

a Beko dishwasher installed in a light coloured kitchen side angle view

Then comes that sweet cleaning action with the AquaIntense feature which creates a powerful cleaning zone with intense water pressure for your dirtiest pots and pans (lasagne, pudding, porridge set hard like cement). No more “leaving it to soak” for two days hoping our spouses get tired of looking at it and clean it by hand. This model is also fast. It has a Fast+ function which speeds up the wash time for when you have guests on their way already.

Finishing touches like an efficient fan drying system, SteamGloss function for streak-free glassware and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and 10 year compressor/motor warranty and you can put the passion back into your dishwashing. Or just wash your dishes really well.


Beko is a great brand with great appliances that have been developed with your needs and wants in mind, specifically to make your life easier. All of the models I’ve spoken about today are made in Europe with quality in mind and backed up with 5 year warranties so you can feel confident in your purchase. Come see us in-store and chat to our experts about your Beko purchase and how to get some of that made-in-Europe fanciness for yourself.

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