Bissell CrossWave Max: mop & vacuum at the same time

Vacuum and mop at the same time! Heaven is a place on earth with the Bissell CrossWave Max Cordless Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Do you have the housework jobs that you like and the ones that you dislike? I do. I don’t like vacuuming but there is something very satisfying about mopping. The moments after I’ve finished mopping and the floor is still drying and shiny, ceiling fans on high, are a few moments of ultimate peace. I could meditate here.
Vacuuming though, that’s a hard one for me. Like, do I sweep first? I don’t know. Good appliances help to take the guesswork out of your life, and today’s blog is about the Bissell CrossWave Max Cordless Multi-Surface Cleaner. As useful as its name is long, the CrossWave Max vacuums and washes the floor at the same time, picking up both wet and dry mess in one go.

“Vacuum and mop at the same time...”

It’s a phrase that makes you feel something, doesn’t it? Like ice cream on a hot day, running down your fingers and arms as you race to eat it and it drips onto the floor as you create core memories with reckless abandon. You remember your best mate from the pick up basketball games you had every Friday afternoon always got a flake in his ice cream, his lazy smile in the sunlight. Whatever happened to him? Clean up the ice cream with the CrossWave Max: it takes the sweep/vacuum/mop cycle into one smooth satisfying motion.
How does it work? The CrossWave Max features twin tank technology which means you are always cleaning with clean water and fresh solution, while dirty water is removed from the floor and stored in a separate tank. The fresh water and solution mixture is controlled by a trigger on the handle for ease of use, and the dirty water tank is easily emptied for a quick clean up after the clean up.

I heard you’ve got surfaces

The CrossWave Max features multi-surface cleaning technology, which means it’s not just for tiles. What surfaces do you have? Check below, it’s a list of all the surfaces on which a CrossWave Max is safe and effective to use:

  • Tiles
  • Sealed wooden floors
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum
  • Bamboo and engineered floors
  • Rubber floor mats
  • Pressed wood floors and more
  • Even rugs (yep!)

Easy peasy

The CrossWave Max is cordless with a 36V lithium-ion battery which will last for up to 30 minutes. The 3-in-1 docking station means you can stash your machine, clean it and charge the battery all in one spot. Chuck the machine on the dock and set it on the Self-Cleaning Cycle and it will flush out dirt, hair and debris to maintain the performance of the machine.

Blog Bissell CrossWave Family with dog, dad cleaning a spill on the floor

What’s in the box?

The CrossWave Max comes with the docking station, multi surface pet brush roll, and a sample size of both the multi surface pet formula and sanitise formula. It also comes with a 2 Year Warranty - we love to see it!

Who is it recommended for?

We recommended the CrossWave Max for those with pets and/or children. If you need to mop frequently (more than once per week) to maintain a clean house then the CrossWave is for you.
If you have rugs that you would like to refresh at the same time as mopping, the CrossWave Max is a good option, however for stain removal on carpets or rugs we’d recommend the SpotClean.
Without pets or children you probably wouldn’t need to whip out the CrossWave Max very often, so we’d recommend a regular Stickvac for day to day cleaning.

Fall in love with cleaning

That’s a big call, I know it. I love many things. Cats, chocolate, my family, Gardening Australia, looking at myself in the mirror in the work toilets because the lighting is A+. Can I love cleaning? In smaller doses, yes. Combine the separate steps of vacuuming and mopping into one with the CrossWave Max Cordless Multi-Surface Cleaner and see for yourself. Your local Bi-Rite store is the place to start falling in love with cleaning again.

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