Black is the New Black – Sunbeam Black Classics Range

When your appliances all match each other your kitchen instantly looks like a Pinterest paradise. The Sunbeam Black Classics is a collection of Sunbeam’s most popular products, reimagined in a sophisticated and on trend matte black finish.

Barista Max Espresso Machine

As a full time working mother of a running, jumping, climbing and slapping no limits warrior of a toddler, I can safely and easily say without exaggeration that coffee is my best friend. Think of the best coffees you’ve ever had: the coffee you shared with flat mates watching the sun come up after you didn’t go to bed; the first time you sipped the coffee made by your future spouse and you just knew that they loved you; the last coffee you shared with your grandma where she touched your hand with her impossibly soft hand. At any and every meeting of the minds where ideas are shared and businesses are propelled further into the future - there is coffee.

These are all good coffees but to me the best coffee is when you wake up before your family and you have time to really sit and enjoy the coffee in the crisp morning air. That is THE coffee. It just hits differently and I, for one, am bulletproof on the days that I have that coffee. How could this moment possibly get any better? Well, for one, the coffee could actually be good. If you’re still drinking instant coffee then please, join the rest of us grownups and use a machine for your sweet morning sanity. Enter the Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine.

Start with the integrated Tap & Go Grinder, for easy, on demand grinding for fresh coffee every single time, without the need for a separate grinder. The 58mm group head is cafe sized to accept more grinds and get the most flavour out of the beans you’ve painstakingly selected and then easily ground with the integrated grinder. The Temp°IQ Shot Control™ 3-way system works to deliver optimal, consistent temperature and an even extraction for coffee that tastes amazing and is fresher than your uncle on the d-floor at your messy golf club wedding. Also featuring a powerful steam wand for the aspiring home barista so you can create lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. Top it all off with a classy compact design and you’ll be doing latte art and making babycinos for the family in no time.

sunbeam barista max espresso machine in black on a benchtop

Shade Select Vertical Waffle Maker

When I first heard of the Shade Select Vertical Waffle Maker I admit I was confused. When I saw a picture, my confusion turned to intrigue, and I needed to know more about this strange and mysterious appliance. Turns out it’s rather simple. Select the desired shade for your waffle (light and fluffy to dark and crispy), pour the mixture in the top (no mess) and the machine detects the mixture is in there and automatically counts down to your perfectly cooked waffles. Sweet or savoury, there’s as many waffle recipes as there are people who love waffles (loads), so you can say goodbye to pancakes for your weekend breakfasts for good. As part of the black classics range, it’s finished in a sleek matte black to fit right in with your stylish self.

sunbeam vertical waffle maker and barista max espresso machine together on a benchtop


Alinea 4 Slice Toaster

This toaster is more attractive than many humans I know. More than just a toaster, throw away the old 2-slice languishing sadly in the coffee corner of your kitchen, and get on our level with this beautiful 4 slice toaster finished in a trendy matte black.


With dual controls so you can toast 2 or 4 slices at different browning levels to impress your dusty date the morning after the night before with the most perfect buttered toast she’s ever eaten in her life. Also featuring a Quickcheck lever so you can have a look to make sure the toast is progressing nicely without interrupting the toasting cycle and 9 browning settings, Defrost, Reheat and Cancel settings. Now you’re ready to become a fussy toast connoisseur like all of us at Bi-Rite HQ. It’s a silly place.

sunbeam alinea four slice toaster in black with toast inside and toast on a small plate adjacent to the toaster

Alinea Kettle

Tea is a vibe. We’ve spoken at length about coffee today but we mustn’t forget coffee’s noble cousin tea. A bath for your insides, I love it when someone remembers how I take my tea, like they’ve held on to this special and secret knowledge about me ready to deploy it at just the right moment. And then they put a cup of water in the microwave and I politely yet firmly excuse myself from their life. This kettle boasts a decent 1.7L capacity and a powerful 2400 watt element for rapid boiling. A luxurious matte black finish elevates your everyday kettle boiling experience to make it just a little bit special.

sunbeam alinea black 1.7L kettle with a cup of tea on a benchtop


All major brands come with a manufacturers warranty and can be optionally extended with a backup plan.

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