Your kitchen is pretty old, hey. Maybe it’s got beautiful brown or olive green or yellow tiles. Wood panelling as far as the eye can see. It was very modern in its day, which was unfortunately 45 years ago. That’s longer than I’ve been alive. Way longer. Time for a change! The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you need reliable appliances to keep the heart beating.

We’ve compiled a checklist of all the appliances you’ll need to set up your newly updated kitchen space - of course we’ve got way more in store so if you want to look around come into one of our many local stores or check out our range online.


Cooking - Cooktop

Beko 60 cm Induction 4 Zone Cooktop including Indyflex Zone

Induction cooktops work by producing an electro-magnetic field that creates energy around their glass surface, which when combined with your cookware turns your cookware into the heating element for a super fast and efficient heat up and cooking experience.


beko induction cooktop


This Beko induction cooktop is super cool in that the IndyFlex cooktop features flexible cooking zones that combine to create larger ones, so you can use 4 pans for your multi-pan masterpiece or two larger ones so you can make pancakes on a flat hotplate and pretend you’re a short order cook from the movies.


Cooking - Oven

Westinghouse 60cm Multi-Function 10 Pyrolytic Oven with AirFry Dark Stainless Steel

Oh man, if you didn’t think you could love an oven I’m here to show you how wrong you can be. It does so many things. It has so many features. It looks better than any oven has a right to look.


westinghouse dark stainless pyro oven


Let’s take a look at some of the functions and features:

  • AirFry for crispy, crunchy food with none of the oil
  • PyroClean function cleans the oven pyrolytically, meaning the oven turns to a very high temperature and turns all the mess into ash for you to simply wipe away
  • Telescopic shelf runners and multi-layer glazing on the oven door for enhanced safety
  • Built in Australia - we love to see it!


Cooking - Rangehood

Schweigen 90cm Undermount Rangehood NAUM9

You’ll need a rangehood to prevent your overly enthusiastic smoke alarms from singing the songs of their people for the whole neighbourhood to hear and judge, this one is a solid choice. Designed for seamless cabinetry integration, this model also features 3 speed levels and 2 LED strips to light up your cooking space.


Cooking - Microwave

Panasonic 27L Inverter Microwave Oven NNSF574SQPQ

This handy microwave from Panasonic demonstrates the power of sensible design. Rather than a janky little turntable it features an innovative flatbed design so you can fit bulky or awkward dishes inside. This creates a cooking area 31% bigger than a standard microwave, so you can definitely fit more than your two minute noodles inside. You could cook a multi-pack of two minute noodles in there. Other dishes, too, if you were that way inclined.


panasonic inverter flatbed microwave


This model also features Precise Power Control powered by New Inverter Technology so you can make sure your dishes are cooked all the way through, or even gently soften ice cream which has frozen hard.


Whitegoods - Fridge

Haier 492L Black French Door Refrigerator HRF520FHC

There’s something so fancy about a French Door Fridge, so naturally you’ll want one in your new kitchen. This one is in a black fingerprint resistant finish so you won’t worry about little fingers touching it.


haier black french door fridge


Here’s some of the great features you’ll love:

  • MyZone adjustable temperature drawer has three settings to perfectly store drinks, seafood and meat
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser for cold water on tap
  • SuperFreeze locks in nutrients and flavour for long term freezing
  • Humidity controlled vegetable bin helps produce last longer
  • External LED control panel


Whitegoods - Dishwasher

Westinghouse 15 Place Setting Stainless Freestanding Dishwasher

Elevate your kitchen with the Westinghouse WSF6606XA 15 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher, a sleek and efficient appliance that makes washing dishes a breeze.


westinghouse stainless steel dishwasher



This dishwasher boasts a spacious 15-place setting capacity, accommodating even the largest of dinner parties. Its six wash programs cater to every need, from delicate glassware to heavily soiled cookware. And with a fast 30-minute wash cycle, you can quickly tackle those post-meal dishes.

Other great features include:

  • Quiet operation for peaceful dishwashing
  • FlexZone wash options for targeted cleaning
  • Height adjustable baskets for versatile loading
  • 1-24 hour delay start for convenient scheduling
  • Aquastop anti-flood protection for peace of mind


    Everything but the kitchen sink

    This is just a sampling of the whitegoods and cooking we have available in our stores to help you create your dream kitchen. Don’t forget the benchtop items too like a kettle, toaster, air fryer, coffee machine and everything else you desire for the ultimate heart of your home.

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