LG and Me: the stick vacuum for people who hate cleaning

A guide to the LG A9KAQUA stick vacuum cleaner and why we think it’s brilliant. A floorcare solution to those who find vacuuming tedious or boring or both.

I used to hate cleaning with a stick vacuum. Cleaning the house is tedious and boring and gives me bad vibes.

I know it’s not like this for everyone, in fact some people love cleaning the house! Love that for them, but I am not Mary Poppins. My house is a mess and I'm not looking forward to the cleanup!

Vacuuming with LG stick vac changes all that!

Have you ever wished that cleaning your floors was a more efficient process? Have you ever desperately lamented the chore of dragging the vacuum around, plugging and unplugging. Plugging and unplugging. Falling to your knees and humbly wailing to the sky WHY must my floors have crumbs?!

Portability, Convenient and Energy Efficient

Cordless vacuum cleaners have become crazy popular in recent years due to their numerous advantages over traditional corded models.

One of the most significant advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners is their portability. Since they are not tethered to a power point, they can be used anywhere in the house (or the outdoor patio, the car, boat or caravan) making it easy to clean hard-to-reach places like stairs, corners, and tight spaces.

With a cordless vacuum cleaner, you don't have to worry about untangling cords or finding a power point near your cleaning area. No extension cords necessary! This makes it a much more convenient option, especially for quick cleanups.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are extremely versatile and come in a range of sizes and designs, making them suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks. Many models even come with interchangeable heads that allow you to clean different surfaces, including carpets, hard floors, and upholstery.

lg a9k-aqua side view

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners are faster to set up and use than corded models, saving you time and effort. They are also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making them ideal for cleaning multiple rooms. Often built with an ergonomic handle makes stick vacuum cleaners easy to hold without quickly tiring the arm and hand.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are usually more energy-efficient than corded models, which means they are better for the environment and can help reduce your electricity bills. Often built with a clever combination of a spinning power head and cyclonic vacuum motor make these very efficient.

LG Innovation

Well, LG has granted your wish with their Cordless Handstick with Power Drive Mop and Kompressor Technology vacuum. Easily the best stick vacuum cleaner you will ever own. Not only is this stick vacuum cordless and lightweight, but it also comes with innovative features that just make sense.

Detachable Mop head

Let's start with the Power Drive Mop. The Power Drive Mop attachment allows you to simultaneously vacuum and mop your floors with ease. The mop head is made from a high-quality microfibre material that cleans deep into your floors, leaving them spotless. Plus, the mop head is removable and washable, for super easy maintenance.

Compressed Dust: More in the Dustbin!

The LG stickvac has an awesome, built in neat little party trick. The Powerful Cordless Handstick also comes with Kompressor Technology. This feature compresses dirt and dust in the dustbin, allowing you to empty it less frequently. When it is time to empty the dustbin, it's as easy as pressing a button.

lg kompressor dust bin technology

Powerful Motor

The Powerful Cordless stick vac has a powerful motor that can spin up to 120,000 RPMs, making it one of the most efficient vacuums on the market. And even with all that power, it's still lightweight and easy to maneuver, thanks to its ergonomic design. Plus, the vacuum can last up to 120 minutes on a single charge (using both batteries, less if you’re using Power or Turbo modes) , which is plenty of time to clean your entire house. It also comes with two batteries, so you can charge one while you’re using the other.

lg a9k-aqua batteries

One of the best things about the Cordless Handstick with Power Drive Mop is that it's perfect for those with allergies. The vacuum has a five-step filtration system that captures 99.99% of dust particles, including pet hair and dander. This means that you can breathe easy knowing that your floors and air are truly clean.

Reach High Places

One thing that sets the Powerful Cordless Handstick apart from your ordinary old barrel vac is its ability to reach high places. The vacuum comes with a crevice tool that can be attached to the wand, allowing you to clean ceiling corners, ceiling fans, and other hard-to-reach places. Great for pet owners, the vacuum also comes with a pet nozzle that can be attached to the handheld vacuum, making it easy to clean pet hair off of furniture and other surfaces.

Cleaning your floors can be a tedious task, but the LG Cordless Handstick with Power Drive Mop vacuum makes it a breeze. Not only is it efficient and easy to use, its sleek styling and features give you the added bonus of being able to boast about it to your friends and family. What more could you want?

More Attachments

  • Power Drive Mop: As the name implies, a powered mop head allowing you to mop floors and vacuum hard surfaces at the same time!
  • Power Drive Mini: a small power hear for upholstery, couches, sofas, beds, car seats
  • Multi Surface Nozzle: a nozzle that enables vacuuming of different surfaces without the need to detach and re-attach vacuum heads as you change surfaces throughout the house
  • Crevice Tool: for cleaning different shape surfaces such as window tracks and skirting boards
  • Combination Tool: a small vacuum head for cleaning odd shaped corners and surfaces

Overall, cordless vacuum cleaners are a convenient, versatile, and efficient cleaning solution that can make your cleaning routine much easier and hassle-free.

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