Little black….washer? Haier’s stylish new dark laundry range

The modern Australian laundry calls for some modern and stylish appliances. Haier's Dark laundry range fits the bill.

The laundry room used to be a sad place indeed. Tiled, cold and hidden away, a place for dirty clothes and tedium. Then the influencer revolution happened and suddenly we realised our spaces and rooms did not have to only be functional - they could be beautiful too.

And we wanted these beautiful rooms! Elegant kitchens, luxurious lounge rooms and tasteful toilets, a picture of rattan side tables and hanging pendant lights and strappy grasses lining the footpath up to an enormous front door. This leads us to the laundry - no longer a tiled prison of filth, now it’s a stylish room we’re pleased to show visitors.

Some people hide their appliances away, I say no more! Be bold and go dark with the new Haier laundry range in the new dark finish. It’s laundry but make it aesthetic. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Haier 10kg Top Load Washing Machine in Black

Starting with the capacity of the Haier 10kg Top Load Washing Machine - 10kg is perfect for families or for weekend warriors who don’t want to be washing clothes during the week.

If you do want to wash during the week, we got you with the Express 30 cycle to get your clothes clean quickly. 12 wash programs, a Direct Motion direct drive motor for quietness and reliability, auto-balancing and 4.5 star energy and 4 star water ratings, this model is a solid choice for those looking to upgrade their smaller capacity machines.

The outside is the beautifully dark colourway, which will fit in in a beautiful modern or industrial styled laundry.


haier top load washer control panel close up

Haier 8.5kg Front Loader Washer

If you’re a front loader fanatic, fear not, you haven’t been left out. Haier's Front Load Washer's 8.5kg capacity is great for small families or those who wash less often.

This one also has 12 wash programs, with a few extra bits. The Sanitise wash option will kill more than 99.99% of bacteria, and the short Refresh cycle will freshen up your lightly soiled clothes. You know when you have an amazing outfit on and you don’t run into anyone important? Use the Refresh cycle, wear it again, see your ex out with their new partner and wear the smug smile of superiority.

Anyway it’s also got a 4.5 star energy and 4 star water rating, save even more energy and water with the Eco cycle. Super short on time? The Speed Up function allows you to hassle the washer to go faster.

haier front load washer control panel close up

Haier 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

If you’re one of those people who hangs their clothes on the line to dry, congratulations on being a more functional human being than I am. I put everything in the dryer. I care not for what it is, or what society expects of me, or how much time I have. I’m a dryer die-hard every day of the week. Heat pump technology makes this way easier on the clothes, drying clothes at a lower heat more efficiently. In fact, the Haier 8kg Heat Pump Dryer has an 8 star energy rating.

Old dryers have programs like “on” and “off”, whereas this model has 12 different dry cycles for a variety of fabrics, and a dedicated Rack Dry cycle with a drying rack included. Use the drying rack for shoes, hats or soft toys so the dryer doesn’t tumble your loveys to death.

You’ve used the Express Cycles in the washers above, now you need it dry in a hurry, use the Hybrid Boost to dry it quickly at a higher temperature.

haier heat pump dryer in dark steel finish front view, door closed

The laundry of your laun-dreams

If you’ve now got this beautiful new laundry room with matching cabinets, subway tiles, back splash and all the trimmings, you need to put in appliances as the pièce de résistance. Haier’s dark colourway laundry will suit a wide range of people and fit into a wide range of decor styles. Come check them out at your local Bi-Rite store where it feels…bold to Bi-Rite.

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