New Fridges with Cool Features

Look at your fridge. Chances are it’s just a normal old fridge. What has it done for you lately? Kept your food cold? Sounds like the bare minimum of refrigeration to me. You can do better. You deserve better.

Here’s a few of our picks for fridges that do more than just chill your food - they make your whole life just a little bit cooler.

Samsung SRF7500SB French Door Refrigerator

Samsung SRF7500SB French Door Refrigerator front view with top left door open

From the outside this is a good looking, minimalist French Door Fridge. Featuring a slick flat door design with recessed handles and stainless steel finish, it’s understated and fancy. Big Capricorn energy. The real magic is inside the fridge.

I present to you: the Beverage Centre

Cleverly concealed on the outside by Samsung’s door-in-door technology, the water dispenser is now inside the first door on the top, with the water jug, jug storage and water dispenser in one place that you can access quickly and is hygienically covered by the door. Wow.

In the Beverage Centre you’ll notice there’s a special spot for the jug. If you pop the jug into this spot it will refill automatically for maximum convenience. Don’t wait for a jug to fill as you hold it like a chump, the fridge will do it for you. It’s also an infuser jug so you can chuck orange peels or lemons or whatever fancy, understated people add to their water.

Is that a dual ice maker?!

Samsung heard that we like ice in our drinks. Not satisfied to provide standard ice, no, this fridge features a Dual Ice Maker to make two different types of ice - Cubed Ice and Ice Bites, with the bites being smaller than the cubes. It can make up to a whopping 2.6kg of ice per day and store up to 3.1kg at a time. It also lives in the freezer and not in the fridge door - freeing up valuable fridge space.

It’s got loads of storage

Samsung knows how much food a large family needs to store - this capacity of this fridge is a generous 648L. Big Bottle Door Bins so you can store 3L milk bottles easily, big crispers for your rabbit foods and big dual freezers for all of your food storage needs.

But will it keep my food cold?

It’s colder than the silence after you ask your friends what they think of your great Bi-Rite blogs. All-around Cooling continuously checks the internal temperature and blows cold air when needed to keep it all fresh and frosty.

Do you need it colder? At the touch of a button you’ve got Power Cool and Power Freeze which intensely blow cold air into the fridge or freezer respectively for quickly chilled drinks and fast freezing and ice making.

And it’s also stylin’ as heck

It looks good from the outside and will actually fit in a standard Australian fridge cavity (1800mm high). The LED display is easy to use and is discreetly hidden on the inside, because when you’re as stylish and understated as this fridge you don’t need the gaudy and ostentatious external LED displays I imagine a Sultan would have.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the cool bits again:

  • Door-in-door Beverage Centre
  • Auto-fill jug
  • Dual ice maker
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Power Cool/Power Freeze
  • Understated and elegant minimalist design
  • Big Capricorn Energy

    LG GF-V706BSL French Door Fridge with InstaView (Black Stainless finish)

    LG GF-V706BSL French Door Fridge with InstaView (Black Stainless finish) front view window lit up

    This is the kind of fridge that you show your friends and makes you feel just a little bit superior. It has a ton of great features, but one stands out above the rest for its cool factor.

    Knock twice and see inside

    Featuring Door-In-Door technology of its own, the LG InstaView technology takes it a step further for even more bonkers living in the future moments. Knock twice on the glass panel on the right hand side of the fridge and the easy access compartment in the door will illuminate so you can see inside without opening the door. Man that’s cool.

    Put your favourite snacks and drinks in the Door-In-Door easy access compartment so you can just reach in and grab them without losing as much cold air as a normal fridge. Have you ever stood in front of the fridge, completely zoned out and mentally absent, as you’ve gone to get a drink but have just paused to ponder the universe? InstaView is for you.

    Just chillin’

    LG’s Surround Cooling system moves cold air through the fridge cavity from vents in both the front and the back, ensuring even cold air flow through the whole fridge. Door cooling starts 15 seconds after the door is closed, so your drinks are chilling while you’re still strolling away from the fridge.

    Space is created, not wasted

    This fridge features a number of LG’s smart little innovations so you can utilise your whole fridge to your specific needs. Firstly the slim SpacePlus Ice System is built into the fridge door for the convenience of ice on demand while saving space on the fridge shelves. Save even more space with the extra space compartments below the fruit and vegetable crispers so you can stow away loose items like eggs. Finally you can create space with the retractable shelf, allowing you to store tall bottles or pots.

    There’s an app for that

    LG’s ThinQ app connects you to your LG appliances like never before. The ThinQ app allows you to change temperature settings on your fridge directly from your smartphone, check the performance of the fridge and even diagnose any issues you might have.

    A breath of fresh air

    Keep fridge odours at bay with the Pure N Fresh air filtration system. A fan actively circulates air through the carbon deodoriser and circulates it throughout the fridge cavity, keeping things smelling fresh.

    Just look at it

    Finally, it’s frankly more beautiful than any inanimate object has the right to be. From the Dispenser Display to the Square Pocket Handle, giant 706L capacity and classy Black Stainless steel finish, this fridge is a style statement welcome in any kitchen.

    A recap of all the bits we love:

    • InstaView technology: knock twice and see your snacks
    • Surround Cooling cooling the whole fridge cavity
    • Smart use of space with SpacePlus ice maker in the door, clever extra space compartments and an adjustable shelf for more space when you need it
    • ThinQ app means you can connect with your appliances using your smartphone
    • Pure N Fresh filtration system for minimal fridge odour
    • It’s so beautiful I could cry.

      Westinghouse WQE6870BA 609L French Door Fridge (Dark Stainless finish)

      Westinghouse WQE6870BA 609L French Door Fridge (Dark Stainless finish) front angle view, doors closed


      There’s a lot to love about this fridge, it proves that sometimes the best innovations and ideas aren’t always the most complicated or futuristic, they’re just smart design choices made with the user in mind.

      Introducing the SmartSplit door design

      Where a French Door Fridge can fall down against the regular old Top or Bottom Mount Fridges is that you often need to open and close both doors of either the fridge or freezer to reach your foods. The SmartSplit Door Design is an offset door, so on one side the doors are wider than the other. I was skeptical at first until I went downstairs and opened one up and let me tell you, it just makes so much sense.

      It gives you more useful space in the fridge door, and it means you can reach in and grab larger items out without having to open both doors every single time. So smart and yet so simple. It doesn’t end there.

      More great design inside

      Inside the fridge there are Slide Back and Flip Up Shelves so you can customise your internal fridge space to make room for extra tall items or even large platters. Fit the WHOLE cake in the fridge and be secretly sad you can’t use lack of fridge space as an excuse to eat more cake (just eat it, you’re the master of your own destiny!).

      Fridge? Freezer? You decide

      Behind the bottom left door is the FlexSpace Convertible Compartment which has an adjustable temperature ranging from -23C to 7C. Five preset functions mean you can choose to use this space to chill your drinks, freeze your meat or store your snacks.

      They’re keeping it all fresh

      FreshSeal Crispers have an advanced seal system inbuilt with automatic humidity control which keeps your fruit and veg fresher for longer. These crispers will easily glide open and closed even when full, SO comfortable and civilised.

      There’s room for your snacks too…

      The space below the crispers is usually wasted space, but not here. Covered little inbuilt compartments below the crispers are a good height for even children to reach. Finally, command the child to bring you snacks instead of the other way around!

      This is a beautifully designed fridge with fresh food and families in mind, here’s a recap:

      • SmartSplit door design features offset doors for maximum usability without having to open both doors every single time
      • Slide Back and Flip Up shelves to design your own fridge space as you need it
      • FlexSpace Convertible Compartment gives you the flexibility to meet your changing needs
      • FreshSeal Crispers keep your fruits and veg fresher for longer
      • Snack compartments (my fave) cleverly use space that would usually be wasted.

      This is just a small selection of some of the cool life upgrades we have waiting for you at Bi-Rite - come and chat to one of our local experts and they can hook you up with the best new appliances for your family.

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