Queensland Rebates for Energy Efficient Appliances

Learn the basics of the Queensland Appliance Rebates announced by the State Government. Read now to find out how you can access these rebates.

Update 08 December 2023

The Climate Smart Energy Savers Program is now closed - if you bought an eligible appliance between 04 September 2023 and 04 December 2023 you now have until 30 days from when you took delivery of the appliance to lodge a claim. No more lodgements will be accepted after 04 January 2024.

For more info please visit the Climate Smart Energy Savers Website


Update 01 September 2023

Here is the updated Eligibility Criteria for the rebates program which opens on Sept 4, 2023 in Queensland.


Standard rebate

Applicants must:
  • be 18 or older
  • live in a residential premises in Queensland
  • have purchased and installed an eligible appliance in their residential premises:
    • while the scheme is open
    • while they occupy the residential premises
  • not have already received assistance under this or another government program for the eligible appliance.
Eligible appliances include 4 star or higher energy rated:
  • washing machines and dryers
  • dishwashers
  • refrigerators (including fridge/freezers)
  • air conditioners (AS4755 compliant and 4 star-rated or higher for cooling)
  • solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems.
These appliances must:
  • replace another appliance
  • be used/installed at the residential premises listed in the application
  • (where applicable) be installed by a person who is licensed to install the appliance.
Applications must:
  • be submitted in the name of 1 person
  • be made within 30 days of the eligible appliance being purchased and installed (whichever comes later).  


Low-income rebate

    Applicants must meet all the eligibility criteria for a standard rebate and:
    • provide a Notice of Assessment from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for the 2022-23 financial year showing that they have a taxable income of $66,667 or less
    • or declare they have lodged a Return Not Necessary with ATO; receive a Government Pension/Benefit; or are a self-funded retiree.
    If an applicant lives with a partner or spouse, the taxable income of whomever has the highest taxable income will be assessed.

    NOTE: Please be aware that these rebates can only be obtained from the QLD Government subject to the above conditions. Bi-Rite does not guarantee any rebate.


    We are all feeling the strain of the cost of living. As we head into the warmer months in Queensland it's just going to get worse as we close our doors to the heat and crank up our air conditioners. Luckily there's support available.

    The Queensland Government has announced new appliance rebates of up to $1000 to help relieve cost of living pressures and deliver energy bill savings to eligible households.

    The program is called the Climate Smart Energy Savers Program. It aims to help Queensland households upgrade to new, more energy efficient appliances and save money on power bills. There are a few different categories of eligible appliances, each with different rebate amounts.

    Important note: the program starts on the 4th of September, 2023. To be eligible for the program you must buy your new appliance on or after the 4th of September 2023.


    Understanding the Climate Smart Energy Savers Program

    For an appliance to be eligible for a rebate it needs to have a 4 Star or greater energy rating. Some of our models go up to 9 Stars!

    There are five different appliance categories that are eligible for rebates:

    • Washing Machines
    • Dryers
    • Dishwashers
    • Refrigerators (including fridge/freezers)
    • Air Conditioners (AS4755 compliant and 4 star-rated or higher for cooling).

    Each category of household appliance has a rebate for standard income households, and a higher rebate for low income households. To qualify for a Low Income rebate, individual applicants must meet the Low Income Tax Offset threshold as defined by the ATO. Only one rebate is available per household, and rebates cannot be higher than the total cost to purchase/install the new appliance.

    This table shows the different rebate amounts for eligible appliances from each category.

    All Queenslanders will be able to access the rebates for eligible appliances! Vulnerable or low income Queenslanders will be prioritised. The government has also advised that renters will be prioritised. The rebate program starts on the 4th of September 2023 and continues until the funding runs out. Also good to know is that there is only one rebate per eligible household.


    Making the most of the rebates

    Now you know the basics of the new Queensland appliance rebates, how do you make the most of them?

    Identify your key energy wasters

    Do you have a new fridge but an old vented dryer? Do you have a portable air conditioner in your bedroom but a high efficiency front load washer in the laundry? Start by identifying which appliances are in the most need of an upgrade.

    Replace the appliance that costs you the most money to run now for the greatest long-term savings. This might be the one you use the most, or it might be the oldest or have the lowest Energy Star Rating. This will have the greatest impact on your electricity bills.

    Consider water consumption

    Check the WELS Water Rating as well as the Energy Rating to maximise your savings. If the appliance's Energy Rating is 4 Stars or higher the odds are good that the WELS Rating also be high. It's always good to double check, especially if you live somewhere where water is scarce. The WELS Rating is similar to the Energy Rating - the more stars, the more efficient the appliance is.

    Be decisive

    The funding for this rebate program won't last forever, so if you want to upgrade we'd recommend you get in quick.

    Beat the rush

    For Air Conditioners and Fridges in particular, Summer is a busy season. If you don't want to wait for shipping or installation, getting in before the weather gets properly hot is key.

    Installation Costs

    Don't forget to factor in the cost of installation for any integrated appliances, air conditioners or plumbed fridges.

    Need help?

    If you need more info about the energy efficient appliance rebate, you can check this page for more info.

    If you need help finding appliances that are eligible for the program, you can ask one of our local experts in store to help you find the perfect energy efficient appliance for you.

    To give you an idea on eligible models and their costs, here are some links to help you find what you need. Again, purchases must be made on or after the 4th of September when the program opens to be eligible for a rebate. Watch this space for info on air conditioners - we're working to make sure all the info we have for you is accurate.