Russell Hobbs Breakfast And Food Prep Essentials Review

At Bi-Rite we love all appliances, great and small. Nothing beats quality, form and function, especially in your smallest appliances that you use every day, which is why we love Russell Hobbs for our breakfast and food prep essentials.

At Bi-Rite we love all appliances, great and small. The big appliances get all the glory but I’ve always had a soft spot for the smaller pleasures in life. Nothing beats quality, form and function, especially in your smallest appliances that you use every day, which is why we love Russell Hobbs for our breakfast and food prep essentials. Read on to learn more about our fave Russell Hobbs picks.

Brooklyn Kettle - Copper

A kettle seems like the most basic of appliances. Sitting on the bench, the kettle solemnly performs its duty of boiling water day and night, and we take it for granted. A kettle can be the creator of joy - a cup of tea or coffee and a long overdue catch up. It can be the smallest mother’s helper, boiling water to heat or sterilise bottles. It can even be the soother of wounds, when a cup of tea feels like a bath for your insides. Life is what happens around the kettle. In a kettle you want reliability, it should sit on your bench the first time as if it was always there. The Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle with copper accents combines a versatile 1.7L capacity with quiet boil technology (warm that bottle without waking the whole house!), a perfect pour design for no drips when pouring and a removable anti scale filter for ultimate hygiene. Top it off with a 2 year warranty and a beautiful, classic black and copper design and you can get on with your life around the kettle.

russell hobbs brooklyn toaster and kettle

Brooklyn 4 Slice Toaster - Copper

Toasters. What can you cook in a toaster? Toast, obviously, it says so in the name, but these underrated appliances can do so much more. I read somewhere that you can reheat pizza in a toaster. Grab a toaster bag, chuck the pizza in and toast it back to the warm and crispy perfection you’ve been dreaming of eating for breakfast since last night when the pizza was delivered. Before you embark on any culinary toaster adventures you need the right toaster. Our pick is the Russell Hobbs Brooklyn 4 Slice Toaster - with the copper accents because when we’re eating buttered toast for dinner we want to feel a little bit fancy. Thoughtful features like extra wide toasting slots, split toasting carriages for when you only want 2 slices rather than 4, and a high lift handle for easy and safe removal of food from the toaster set the Brooklyn Toaster apart. With extra functions like Defrost and Reheat and a 2 year warranty it’s no wonder why Russell Hobbs Toasters won the Canstar Blue award for Most Satisfied Customers for both 2019 and 2020.

Desire Matte Black Blender

A blender is the ultimate cupboard appliance. You store it in the cupboard, possibly even the linen cupboard because the kitchen cabinets aren’t tall enough, and it gets trotted out when you really feel like soup or for your annual smoothie-based health kick. Often overlooked, the need for a good quality blender can’t be overstated. You need one with a jug large enough to hold your whole recipe, blending efficiently enough so there’s no bits left over, with uncompromising safety features and if it looks a bit professional that certainly helps. Enter the Russell Hobbs Desire Matte Black Blender. It features a 1.5L jug (that’s a big smoothie), a stainless steel 4 point blade with serrated edges for a smooth blend every single time (no bits!) and a safety lock on base to prevent the jug from separating mid blend as well as non-slip feet for added stability. What else could one hope for in a blender? I’m glad you asked. The Desire Matte Black Blender also has an inner lid measuring cup, 2 speeds and a pulse setting, a powerful 650W motor, blades strong enough to crush ice and a 2 year warranty. With beautiful matte black styling it looks as good as it functions, so no more need to keep it in the linen cupboard.

russell hobbs desire matte black blender and mini chopper

Desire Matte Black Mini Chopper

There’s no bones about it: food prep is tiresome. Cutting endless carrots, crying over onions, if you shudder at the thought of homemade coleslaw then I have a solution. The Russell Hobbs Desire Matte Black Mini Chopper is a small, multifunctional tool which can help you speed up your food prep and get cooking. Cut vegetables with ease, mix salad dressings in seconds, puree baby food for your bub, you’re only limited by your imagination. With a stainless steel blade that’s durable and long lasting, one touch operation for simple and easy use, and a 1L glass bowl you can throw (place gently) into the dishwasher for easy clean up, the Desire Matte Black Mini Chopper also comes with a 2 year warranty and to occupy a place in your heart for appliances you didn’t know you had until now.

russell hobbs mini chopper up close with vegetables inside

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