Sunbeam DiamondForce Electric Cookware: More than a cool name

For good meals worthy of a good gossip, you need good appliances. Good appliances with good features and cool names. Here’s the Sunbeam DiamondForce range of electric cookware.

Benchtop cooking

I love cooking on the benchtop. It’s convenient, it means I can see the TV while I make dinner, it makes me feel like I’m the chef at one of those restaurants where they cook the food right at the table while you gossip with your BFF about all topics of a deeply personal and wildly uncomfortable nature. Yeah make that teppanyaki chef squirm with your recounting of your wild weekend.

For good meals worthy of a good gossip, you need good appliances. Good appliances with good features and cool names. Here’s the Sunbeam DiamondForce™ range of electric cookware which you can win this month on the Bi-Rite Facebook page or through our web entry form. Not convinced? Read on mates.

What’s DiamondForce™? It’s an advanced diamond-infused non-stick coating which is 2x more durable than traditional non-stick cookware. Flip those pancakes with ease, we love to see it!

Sunbeam DiamondForce 3-In-1 Digital 5L Air Fryer

sunbeam afp4500df diamondforce air fryer open on a benchtop with chips inside

Oh man, air fryers are my jam. Cinnamon donuts, chicken nuggets, I’ve made a pudding in mine before and it was incredible. The Sunbeam 3-In-1 is more than just an air fryer, you can also proof and bake bread with it and even dehydrate food in it. A 5L basket capacity combined with an additional tray for two layers of air frying means you can make all manner of meals for your family. Not easy enough? There’s 6 preset air fryer functions (Fries, Bacon, Fish, Veggies, Poultry, Meat) and the DiamondForce non-stick coating makes cleaning super easy. Also a 12 month replacement warranty, how good is that? SO good.

Sunbeam DiamondForce Banquet Frypan

sunbeam fpm4000df diamondforce banquet frypan with food on a benchtop

The Sunbeam DiamondForce Banquet Frypan is a handy little friend to have with you for your cooking adventures (or misadventures). Cook for a crowd in the large size, deep frypan or just make huge, wholesome meals for your nearest and dearest. You can make classics like casseroles, stews, soups, or lamb shanks (yummm), or roast, braise, sear or reheat brand new culinary experiments the modern world isn’t quite ready to accept. You’re an innovator with Sunbeam on your benchtop.

There’s also a thermostat to keep the temperature consistent and accurate, with a 2400 watt element for excitingly fast heat up. Plus a 12 month replacement warranty!

Sunbeam DiamondForce 25cm Skillet

sunbeam skm4000df diamondforce skillet

The Sunbeam DiamondForce 25cm Skillet is a nice little addition to your collection of benchtop cookware, ideal for breakfasty bits like pancakes, crepes and scrambled eggs or use the high-domed metal lid to cook small roasts, chicken or use it as a steamer. Flip those pancakes without a care in the world thanks to the DiamondForce non-stick coating! You can expect an accurate temperature with fast heat up and even heat distribution, it’s super easy to clean and comes with a 12 month replacement warranty.

Sunbeam DiamondForce Professional 7.5L Wok

sunbeam wwm7000df diamondforce electric wok

The Professional Wok features a cast-in heating element, combined with a thermostat for accurate and fast heating. Cook quick and wholesome meals for the whole family such as fried rice, noodles, stir fry and steamed foods using the steam rack that comes with the wok. The easy-twist detachable base and DiamondForce non-stick coating make cleaning up easy as pie, plus a 12 month replacement warranty gives you peace of mind.

Sunbeam DiamondForce ReversaGrill BBQ Grill

sunbeam hgm3000df diamondforce electric grill

Barbeque is a delicious and fundamental element of our social lives in this great southern land. When firing up the grill might be a bit much for some weeknight dinners, the electric grill is here to answer your BBQ prayers. A cast-in heating element allows you to accurately and quickly heat the grill and maintain a consistent temperature for perfect cooking results. Flip between the grill plate and the flat plate for versatile cooking options, and cook indoors with less mess with the built-in drip tray. Clean it up easily thanks to the DiamondForce non-stick coating. This one also comes with the 12 month replacement warranty!

Whatever it is you want to create: breakfast, dinner, lunch, a dinner party, a personal cake to eat in its entirety while you watch YouTube makeup tutorials. Grill, bake, fry, proof and steam with the Sunbeam DiamondForce electric cookware range which you can win this November at Bi-Rite!

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