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The Haier 433L Refrigerator Freezer: Haier's best fridge yet!

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Buying a new fridge is a big deal for your home. Since you use it daily, it needs to be perfect for your family, fit well in your kitchen, and match your home's style. Luckily, we have exactly what you need.

Unlocking Efficiency: Haier's most energy efficient fridge ever

Lifestyle image of Haier's latest energy efficient fridge

Introducing Haier's most energy efficient refrigerator. This fridge boasts a market-leading 8-star energy rating and packed full of features to keep your food fresher for longer, such as Multi-Zone Air™ and Super Freeze.

Innovative features

Step into the realm of fresh and healthy cooling with Haier's innovative technology! With Haier’s innovative refrigeration, you can create the optimal storage conditions for your food, unlocking their full flavour potential and preserving their freshness for longer. From crisp salads to succulent meats, Haier's got you covered with the perfect environment for every foodie delight.

Your fridge plays a big part in keeping your food fresh. Haier’s Multi-Zone Air cooling system circulates cool air evenly to every corner of your fridge. By maintaining a stable temperature, this cooling system creates an ideal food storage environment, for lasting freshness.

Image showcasing Haier's Multi-Zone cooling

Haier’s Humidity Zone is yet another innovative feature, it's like a spa retreat for your leafy greens! If you're all about that fresh veggie life, then this innovative feature is your new best friend. Haier’s Humidity Zone™ drawer maintains the perfect humidity to keep your leafy greens crisp and fresh.

Image of Haier's humidity control drawer

Freezing has never been so easy, with Haier’s Super Freeze function, which cools down your freezer quickly, helping to preserve flavour, texture and nutritional value in your food for the long term.

Image of Haier's Super Freeze feature

Flexibility in your kitchen

Added convenience with Haier’s reversible door hinge design. Whether your kitchen layout calls for a left or right swing, this model will adapt and fit your needs. It’s the little details which count making your fridge match your space and make your daily routine a breeze.

Image demonstrating Haier's reversible door feature

Say goodbye to storage struggles with Haier’s easily adjustable shelves . Whether it’s groceries being stocked up or those oversized party platters, these shelves come handy when organising your fridge allowing you to customise your fridge just the way you want!

Image of Haier's shelf flexibility

Haier adds to their aesthetics with their fingerprint resistant finish, sounds like having a trusty sidekick in the battle against smudges! Whether it’s the aftermath of a busy cooking session or just general day to day wear and tear, this feature makes wiping those pesky fingerprints a breeze. It’s all about keeping your fridge looking sleek and stylish, because who says appliances can’t have a little flair!

Designed considerably for your kitchen

Lifestyle image of Haier's design

Revamp your kitchen's appearance with Haier’s refrigerators. With a modern flat door and horizontal recessed handle, this fridge is designed to fit into common kitchen cavity heights. Additionally, with just a width of 70cm yet still having adequate capacity of 433L this refrigerator is perfect for small spaces.

Come on down and have a chat with our local experts and they can hook you up with this amazing refrigerator.

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