The New Westinghouse Cooking Range

The new Westinghouse cooking range is packed with features and tech to help you get on with living. Read now.

Westinghouse is a trusted appliance brand in Australia with over 80 years of history. We love Westinghouse, there's no mistaking it: 1 in 3 Australian homes own a Westinghouse appliance.

Westinghouse appliances are designed in Australian for Australians, to fit seamlessly into your life. Smart technology, thoughtfully applied in ways that make sense and stand the test of time.

With improvements and innovations created to make your life easier, the new cooking range has something for everyone.

new westinghouse cooking double ovens, cooktop and rangehood

New AirFry Tech

Having an oven with AirFry saves you from having to have a separate appliance on the benchtop. If space is at a premium we would definitely recommend a Westinghouse oven with AirFry.

There's two great improvements in the AirFry function of the new Westinghouse ovens.

Selected models now use both a top and bottom heating element in the AirFry function. This means you can AirFry your food without having to turn it over halfway through! Selected models include assisted cooking, which includes 15 AirFry recipes to further up your cooking game.

Selected models also now come with two AirFry trays. These are two trays which are half the width of the shelf, so you can use one or both at the same time. They also fit in the dishwasher for super easy cleanup.

New Easy-To-Use Controls

If you prefer a touchscreen, there's an oven for you in the new Westinghouse cooking range. For touchscreen models the functions are grouped together for fast, easy program selection.

If you prefer knob control, the new display is larger and easier to read, and shows both temperature and cooking time.

New Freestanding Cooker Tech

Westinghouse have introduced to the range a 90cm Freestanding Cooker with an induction cooktop. Induction cooktops are very fast and easy to clean! This model comes with a BridgeZone for a larger cooking space when you need it. Upgrading to one of these might be easier than you think: they can run from 40A of power, so you might not need to update your power board depending on what your current appliance is. As always, consult an electrician first to make sure your home is ready.

In the new Westinghouse cooking range, both dual fuel and induction freestanding cookers are Hob2Hood compatible. Hob2Hood is where the rangehood automatically turns on and adjusts fan speed and airflow as needed. Convenient! Hob2Hood is also available in built-in induction and selected ceramic cooktops throughout the rest of the cooking range.

Steam Cooking Innovation

Selected ovens from the new Westinghouse Cooking Range feature more Steam cooking functions. Cooking with steam is generally a healthier way of cooking. Steam adds moisture to food and helps to preserve natural textures and flavours.

Use the Roast +Steam function to create roasts with a crisp outside and juicy inside. Steam prevents food from drying out, ideal for cooking a tasty roast.

Use EasyBake +Steam to get a better rise, crunchy outside and fluffy inside to your baking pursuits. Steam is particularly good for puffing up pastry.

new westinghouse oven with steam assisted cooking

New Styles

The new Westinghouse cooking range features models in both the classic Stainless Steel finish and the modern Dark Stainless finish.

Both finishes are versatile in that they match a wide range of cabinetry, and both are easy to keep clean.

new westinghouse cooking cooktop and rangehood

Happy to help!

At Westinghouse they are happy to help when life happens, with reliable appliances so you can focus on living. Check out the new cooking range online or chat to one of our local experts!

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