True Wireless Headphones – cut the cord and never look back

With so many brands on the market it can be hard to know what to look for in a good pair of true wireless headphones - this is what we’re talking about today.

Sound Quality

If you’re listening casually, on your morning commute or in the gym and not an audio connoisseur, you would be forgiven for thinking that all headphones will sound the same. This is false, you can very much tell the difference between a high quality and a poor quality pair. Generally speaking you get what you pay for, most decent brands will include an app to allow the user to change the equalizer settings to customise their listening experience.

The big name brands out there all cater to a target audience, some known for heavy bass, some known for clarity of sounds etc, so research the brand well to see if you are part of their target audience and you can’t go wrong.

Look for good sound quality if: you’re using these to watch TV after everyone else has gone to bed and you don’t want to miss a single second of MAFS.

Noise Cancellation

There are two types of noise cancellation: active and passive. Active noise cancelling headphones reduce unwanted ambient sounds by using active noise control as part of the listening experience. You don't even need to be playing music for them to work, they just need to be turned on. Passive noise cancellation uses the shape and materials of the headphones to merely block out the noise.

Noise cancelling headphones are great for a number of reasons: it helps protect your hearing since you won’t need to turn the volume up as loud to hear your audio well; it blocks out annoying outside noises such as when you’re on an airplane or bus; it can help you to focus and concentrate by blocking out bothersome noises and it can also help those with auditory or sensory processing disorders reduce the impact and stimulation of busy environments.

Look for noise cancelling headphones if: you work in a noisy environment; you want to wear them on your public transport commute; you’re easily overstimulated or distracted by ambient noise.


Battery Life

True wireless headphones usually come with a charging case, but not all batteries are made equal. Research the battery life and consider carefully what you’ll be using the headphones for (eg. working out at the gym so battery life is not a concern, or if you’re using them while flying a long distance you don’t want the battery to run out). Some brands even offer a super convenient quick charge feature!

Look for a long battery life if: you’re planning on using your headphones for a long time between charges (on a flight or at work).


Many people prefer to listen to music during exercise, if this is you then you need to look for headphones that are either water-resistant so they can withstand sweat or other moisture encountered during your workout, or with a certified IP rating which indicates that they can be submerged to a certain depth.

Look for water-resistant headphones if: you’re planning on using them during exercise.

These are just some of the features to look for and think about when choosing your True Wireless Headphones. When you find the perfect pair your listening experience/commute/gym workout/long flight will be elevated to a much more pleasurable experience than you could’ve imagined.