Trade in old tech and save!

Have an old phone, tablet, laptop or smart watch lying around? Trade it in and get a Bi-Rite Gift Card to upgrade your Home Appliances!

Assess Devices

How it works

It's quick and easy to get your item sent off and your gift card received!
Follow The Prompts

Follow the link above to begin device assessment, and simply follow the prompts as we guide you through the process.

Post Your Device

Once you've completed all necessary steps, we'll send you a package or envelope to send your device back to us in.

Device Assessment

Once we receive your device, we will wipe all the data on it and assess it within 72 hours.

Receive Gift Card

That's it! Sit tight and wait for your gift card to the value of your device assessment to come through.

Better for the planet

Bi-Rite is a regionally based business, so sustainability is an important part of how we operate.

We’re partnering with MoorUp to give you an easy way to recycle your technology. By recycling our old devices, we're not only recycling valuable materials (like metals and copper), but we're also saving them from landfill where they leach toxic chemicals into our soil, water and air.

So you're not just doing Earth a favour by recycling your old tech and saving it from landfill, but you're also getting something back at the same time!

It's a win-win, pure and simple.