All New LG TV and Audio for 2023

LG has released their brilliant new range of TV and Audio for 2023 and we're here to explore some of the best bits!

LG TV is one of my favourite things to talk about. If you’re looking for a new TV, we’ve got the new new. LG’s 2023 TV and audio line up does not disappoint, with something to suit everyone. It doesn't matter if you’re a movie-loving cinephile, a diehard gamer or just looking for an upgrade to your Netflix and chill. LG has something for you!

Gamers and Movie Lovers

LG is the world’s number one selling OLED TV brand and has been for 10 years. Of course their new OLED C3 TV Series range is full of features and tech. If you’re new to OLED, I’ve got a whole article for you to read that explains what it is.

For movie lovers there’s the combo of an incredibly vivid picture, immersive sound and a vast library of streaming entertainment. Choose whatever takes your fancy and lose yourself in the magic of the film. 

Dolby Vision IQ technology creates the best detail and depth in every scene, even when the lighting in your room changes. Every movie or TV show becomes a feast for the senses with Dolby Atmos sound creating a spatial, enveloping sound experience.

For gamers there’s the deeper, darker blacks and detail you get with an OLED TV. Have you ever played a game from the horror genre? Prepare for a truly scary, humbling experience with the realism of OLED.

LG TV for Gamers


There’s more to it, the OLED C3 TV series is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium and VRR support. All these technologies combine to create a smooth and clear gaming experience.

Made with gamers in mind, Gaming Optimiser keeps all your settings in one menu. Use the Gaming Dashboard to quickly access your settings. All this is built into a gamer-friendly design that you can navigate intuitively.

Whatever you’re using it for, the new OLED C3 TV series features a brand new and enhanced processor, AI 4K Upscaling (turns lower res content into 4K, depending on the content), and Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro. Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro refines and enhances imagery.

A Soundbar to Match

Match your LG OLED C3 TV to the all new SC9S Soundbar. Designed to match perfectly with your OLED C3 series TV, it comes with the sleekly designed LG Synergy Bracket. The Synergy Bracket can be used either as a wall mount for your soundbar or as a table-top stand for your TV. Either way the soundbar slots in neatly under the TV for a clean looking install.

When paired together, the SC9S and your C3 OLED TV speakers are used at the same time to create a whole new depth and power to your sound. The SC9S comes with a wireless subwoofer for incredible bass and amazing volume even in large spaces. You’ll be able to feel the sound all around you.

Getting a bit techy now! If that’s not your bag you can just be assured that it’s full of features and tech that make the sound of your LG OLED C3 TV better. Loaded with technologies like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced, your favourite movies, games or music will be enhanced by clear and precise sound. You’ve heard of a 4K Upscaler for TV, well the SC9S has a Smart Up-Mixer, which turns 2-channel audio into multi-channel surround sound.

lg tv sound image showing the dimensional sound effect


Lastly LG soundbars work with your favourite AI services, like Alexa, Google Home and Siri, for easy control. It also uses AI Room Calibration to analyse the space for the best, tailored sound across frequencies.


LG has brought out the world’s first pair of Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds! LG TONE Free T90 is the world’s first Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds with Dolby Head Tracking. What does that mean? Let’s explore it.

Basically it means two things: sound that moves with you and sound that surrounds you.

Dolby Head Tracking creates sound which move with you. It pinpoints where the sound is coming from to create a more lifelike listening experience.

Dolby audio virtualiser creates sound that surrounds you. This tech creates more of a surround sound experience.

LG T90 Headphones are versatile - take them to the gym, on the plane or even while at home for quiet TV gaming!

If you’re easily disturbed, the T90s feature an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and ANC Algorithm, which dramatically reduce unwanted background noises. This comes in handy if you’re lying down trying to nap, which you can do with the T90s because they’re extremely comfortable to wear.

Finally, the T90s are equipped with a UVnano charging case that kills 99.9% of bacteria after 10 minutes of charging. Bonus! The case acts as a Bluetooth dongle so you can connect to devices that don’t have Bluetooth built in. They’re just really great headphones!

The Newest of New News

Impress your date, impress your mates, impress yourself with LG’s brilliant new range of tech. Of course, we’ve got it at Bi-Rite. We’ve got a lot of regional locations, so we’re your specialists in regional appliances and consumer electronics delivery!

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