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New Hisense TV for 2023

Discover new Hisense TVs for 2023. Lifelike visuals, 3D audio, perfect for sports and gaming. Find your ideal TV today!

All New LG TV and Audio for 2023

LG has released their brilliant new range of TV and Audio for 2023 and we're here to explore some of the best bits!

What is QNED? TV Tech Explained

What is LG QNED? Read to learn all about this new cutting edge TV panel technology and if it's suitable for your needs.

TV, Soundbar and Headphones: The Three Best Friends

TV, Soundbar and Headphones are the three best friends of home entertainment. Learn how these three work together to create the best home entertainment experience for you.

LG Connected Home

There really is an app for that! Learn about how LG's ThinQ app can connect you with your appliances like never before.

All About LG OLEDs: A Fact Sheet

OLED, LCD, QLED, CRT, LED, Mini LED - it’s easy to get lost in the alphabet soup of TV technologies. If you’re in the market for a new TV, the technology you really need to know about is OLED.

TV Resolution Explained

Following on from our recent TV Size Guide and QLED/OLED/Mini-LED Explainer, today we’re going to talk about TV resolution. Strap in lads, it’s about to get techy.

TV Tech Comparison: OLED, QLED and Mini-LED Explained

QLED, OLED, Mini-LED what does it all mean? Not all modern TVs are created equal. TV technology demystified and explained.

TV Size Guide – Get some of that Big TV Energy

TV brings people together. Big sports games with the boys, movies with the fam, Netflix and chill with your tinder date, wherever people are gathering at home we’re all facing the TV. When it comes to buying a TV, our instinct often tells us to go big, that bigger is better. Our instinct is right! Read on for more.

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