TV Size Guide – Get some of that Big TV Energy

TV brings people together. Big sports games with the boys, movies with the fam, Netflix and chill with your tinder date, wherever people are gathering at home we’re all facing the TV. When it comes to buying a TV, our instinct often tells us to go big, that bigger is better. Our instinct is right! Read on for more.

How is TV Screen Size Measured?

TV screen size is usually measured in inches diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner.

How Big Should I Go?

The rule of thumb for TV size is get the biggest TV your budget and room size or viewing distance will allow. This not only increases the likelihood of neighbourhood jealousy but also gives a more immersive experience as a viewer, so you can really feel the heartbreak during the Bachelor finale.

Room Size

Where are you planning on watching? The lounge or the bedroom? The bathroom or the kitchen? The toilet?! Consider the size of the room and if the TV will physically fit and don’t get caught out with a 75” toilet TV.

Measure the TV you actually want to buy and make sure it will fit on your furniture, or if you have the space on your wall to wall mount it. Nothing’s worse than getting your TV delivered and it’s so big it doesn’t fit on your TV stand so you have that awkward few days/weeks between getting your TV and a suitable stand where you’ve put your TV on the floor - more on this later.

Viewing Distance

There is a lot of information on the internet about viewing distance and how to mathematically calculate the optimal viewing distance of a TV based on how big the TV screen is in inches. The simplest calculator tells us that to get a suitable viewing distance just calculate the screen size by 1.2, so for a 75 inch TV you should sit 90 inches (2.3 metres) away. At Birite we also reckon this comes down to personal preference - if you like a big TV then go really big straight up, don’t feel the need to conform to some mathematical formula devised in a lab, maths doesn’t know your life. Alternatively if you prefer a smaller TV, firstly why are you like this? Secondly buy the small TV and be your small TV loving self without shame!

a diagram showing the recommended TV viewing distances by TV size

Wall Mounting

So the decision is made, you’ve gone out and bought a huge new TV, the old one is on its way to whichever relative likes to tinker with old TVs (we’ve all got one). The cardboard has been ripped off and all of the neighbourhood cats seem to be having a town hall meeting inside it. You proudly display the new TV...on the same old stand you had the old one on? No!

Your new TV will be the very latest of the latest technology, thinner than ever before, designed to be hung on the wall like a fine piece of art. Would you chuck a Picasso on an old TV stand you got when you first left home? No. Mount your TV.

It also has some actual benefits, like they’re much safer for kids, the risk of the TV falling or being knocked over and injuring kids or pets is minimized with a properly installed wall mounted TV.

a wall mounted TV

You can also change the viewing angle very easily depending on which type of wall mount you get. A fixed mount will have the TV lying flat against the wall but you won’t be able to tilt or manoeuvre it. A tilt bracket will allow you to tilt the TV angle downwards, and a full motion bracket will allow you to extend, retract, tilt or swivel your TV to watch anywhere in the room. Luckily for you we sell all of these - when you go in for your TV ask one of our team members to help you choose the right wall mount, they can even recommend someone to come and install it for you.

In Summary

Like I said earlier, TV brings people together. Children, adults, girlfriends, boyfriends, old friends, we all love to sit in silence near each other as we watch TV. Getting a simply giant new TV will feel like a true life upgrade, the very last word in hospitality for the people your TV has brought together. When it comes to size: listen to your heart. It’s saying “omg seriously you’re asking me questions again this is so tedious get whatever TV you want and stop feeding me junk food. And drink some water I’m starting to look like a prune.”

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