Appliances and Self-Care: promoting your wellbeing by upgrading your living space

Friends, these are hard times. Are you looking after yourself? Today we’re talking about self-care. What is self-care?

Friends, these are hard times. Are you looking after yourself? Today we’re talking about self-care. What is self-care? It’s simply engaging in activities that promote your health and wellbeing. Sometimes it’s indulging in a long bath with bubbles up to the ceiling, sometimes it’s moving your body for all the benefits of exercise, sometimes it’s a long and cathartic session of weeping while you re-watch the Mummy and the Mummy Returns for the 58th time. You know the type of shaking, wailing cry that truly humbles you? That.

While we can’t be there to hassle you out of bed and into the gym, we can certainly recommend some appliances to help you along in your self-care journey. We are an appliance retailer after all.

Hisense 179L Bar Fridge in Red

This Hisense bar fridge will make you happy every time you lay eyes on it. It’s taller than your average bar fridge so you can fit more in, it’s got a Chiller Zone for when you want things to be very cold but not frozen, modern and efficient LED interior lighting and an XXL door balcony for those big bottles of milk.

You can chuck this fridge in your home gym, man cave or games room to always have your treats (healthy or otherwise) on hand when you’re working hard to improve your wellbeing in whatever way that looks for you.

Maybe you’re working from home and feeling a bit anxious and in need of cheering up? Put the fridge in your home office and fill it with a beautifully crafted charcuterie board or Instagram perfect birthday cake for when you just need something ridiculous to make you smile. Bonus points for how whimsical it will look in the background of a Zoom meeting.


red hisense bar fridge front view

Breville Barista Pro Espresso Coffee Machine

I’ve written in depth about Breville Barista Pro machine and how to use it before. Let’s talk about why a good coffee made on a good espresso machine can be a form of self-care. If you’re like me then you thrive on routine. I take my lunch at exactly 12pm and have for the last five years - it’s a legend in the Bi-Rite office and only the CEO has the intestinal fortitude to schedule meetings at that time. A good routine can help structure your day and set you up for success (whatever success looks like, it’s different for everyone).



breville barista pro coffee machine front view

Where to start with the routine? The morning. Try to get up while it’s still morning. I know the motivation often isn’t there - if I didn’t have a child prying my eyelids open with his little talons I would also sleep until the early afternoon. Get up. Get something in your little tummy. Coffee is a good option.

The Barista Pro heats up in 3 seconds, it has an integrated adjustable conical burr grinder (the kind of grinder preferred by Actual Baristas), milk steaming wand, comes with a tamper, cleaning kit, stainless steel milk jug and a 2 Year Warranty.

It’s got an intuitive LCD interface and you can choose from either single, double or custom shot volumes. The sophisticated technology of the ThermoJet heating system heats the machine up to optimal extraction temperature in 3 seconds and transitions from espresso to steam instantly.

If you wake up feeling a bit unmotivated you can quickly make yourself a brilliant barista style coffee at home with the Barista Pro machine, sit quietly and drink your coffee and look hopefully out the window to the day ahead.

LG CordZero A9 Multi Handstick Vacuum

Cleaning up is a chore, but keeping a tidy living space is a fantastic form of Self-Care. Sometimes when my mind is buzzing, and it feels like if I open my mouth a swarm of bees will come out, cleaning helps me to regain my focus. The floor is my mind and I can wipe it clean. You need the right equipment for this effect, if you had a dodgy vacuum it would probably leave you unsatisfied.

The LG CordZero stick vacs are all over every mum group on Facebook for a reason: they’re great vacuums with a ton of handy features.

lg cordzero a9nmulti front view

The LG A9 Multi stick vac has a 5 Step filtration system that helps to pick up 99.97% of tiny dust particles for a very clean living space. It’s also light and compact, can be wall mounted for optimal convenience and has different power modes to suit your cleaning needs. If you happen to run out of battery don’t wait for it to charge, it comes with a second battery so you can clean and charge at the same time.

A telescopic pipe means you can clean the cobwebs from the top corners of your bedroom at long last, and it can convert to handheld so you can use it to vacuum your car too. In the box there are some different nozzles for different jobs: a crevice tool, combination tool, mattress tool and hard dirt tool. I’ve written more extensively about CordZero features here.

I know it seems boring and not as nice as lying in a hot bath until you turn into stock, I promise a clean house can feel just as amazing. Almost.


You can exercise in front of a TV, that’s pretty much what I do. You can watch guided meditations. You can watch cooking shows. Many things that relate to the classical forms of self-care. Having your friends be a little bit harmlessly jealous of your TV is also a form of self-care I think.

LG OLED is the market leader in TV panel technology. OLED stands for “Organic Light-Emitting Diodes”. The advantage of OLEDs is that they don’t require a backlight, they emit their own light, so there’s no “light bleed” and you get super vibrant colours and rich blacks. They also emit less blue light so they’re more comfortable on the eyes when all you can do is lie in front of the telly.

LG OLEDs feature a range of picture modes for optimal viewing no matter the genre, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos for intense colour and contrast as well as rich audio, 4k upscaler technology so you can see your favourite content in 4k resolution even if it was created in a lower resolution.


lg oled tv image front view

All the popular streaming apps are supported (Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime, Optus Sports, the Apple TV app, Foxtel, and Netflix) as well as natural voice recognition from the LG ThinQ app, and Hey Google and Amazon Alexa are supported too.

Look after yourself

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