Appliances For Busy People

If you’re a busy person (I know you are), here’s a few of our top picks for supporting you in being the busy little badass you are.

I’m busy all the time. I started writing this blog in April and it’s now October, that’s how busy I’ve been. Sometimes I’m just very busy and sometimes I’m really super busy. There are not enough hours in the day to be all the versions of myself that I have to be - mum, wife, employee, myself.

Having it all is a terribly busy business. What I don’t want to do is spend hours maintaining my house or waiting in line for a coffee. Good appliances fit into your life as if they were always there, supporting you as you keep all the plates spinning at once. If you’re a busy person (I know you are), here’s a few of our top picks for supporting you in being the busy little badass you are.


Many busy adults love coffee, and I’m sure you’re the same. If you love your manual coffee machine because it gives you that hands-on experience, the Breville Barista Express Impress espresso machine has all the bits and pieces a busy person needs. Featuring Intelligent Dosing, a smart dosing system which learns as it goes, calculating and adjusting the dose of coffee grinds based on the last grind and tamp.

It goes even further, with Precision Measurement auto correcting the next dose, reducing the amount of guessing and experimentation required. This also has the added benefit of minimising waste. Once you’ve got the perfect amount of grinds, the Assisted Tamping lever helps to apply an even and consistent 10kg of pressure, delivering a clean and even puck surface. Perfect for a busy person who wants good coffee minus the endless fiddling! The integrated conical burr grinder gives you 25 grind settings (one for every task on your to-do list), plus there’s precise digital control of the temperature and a built-in manual steam wand for perfect coffee and beautiful, silky milk. Mmmmm.

image of a woman lying her head on the kitchen counter in tiredness, pouring coffee into a white mug but missing the mug


Laundry is hard because of the many steps involved. Gather laundry, wash laundry, dry laundry, fold laundry and finally put laundry away. The washing of the laundry part should be easy enough, which is the philosophy of the Westinghouse 7.5kg EasyCare Front Load Washing Machine. If you need laundry in a hurry Westinghouse is happy to help! Wash a full load of laundry in 60 minutes and still experience quality wash results. There’s also Fast 15 and Daily 39 wash programs for smaller loads in even less time.

Also included is a large drum opening to make it even easier to retrieve your laundry, a pause and add button so you can chuck in the last few bits, a fast spin speed for quicker drying and a delayed finishing time so your laundry can be ready when you are.


Be on the phone while doing your other tasks with a quality pair of true wireless headphones. One of the executives from Bi-Rite once did 40,000 steps on a particularly long phone call. We found him on top of a caravan roof, having somehow accidentally strolled there while deep in conversation. These kinds of fitness gains could be yours with a good pair of headphones - please note you will have to source your own conversation partners.

Our recommendation is a fab pair of LG TONE Free Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Bluetooth UVnano Earbuds. There’s a few great features here to talk about, let’s dive on in! One of the things that makes these so great for casual conversation is the Active Noise Cancellation. Active Noise Cancellation is a way to reduce or even eliminate ambient noise through the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel out the first. LG TONE Free earbuds go a step further by offering you two different sound modes to customise how you hear ambient noise - Ambient Mode which is great for walking around and being aware of your surroundings, and Conversation Mode so you can have quick chats without taking your earbuds out. Handy!

LG TONE Free earbuds also feature a UVnano case which kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 minutes, so if you’re too busy to keep them clean then the case is already doing it for you. Optimised for comfort and style, the contoured design conforms to the shape of your ear for ultimate comfort and they won’t uselessly fall out while you’re walking to the next suburb while on a long call.

Have quality conversations with the three-mic array designed to pick up your voice and not ambient noise! A virtual 3D sound stage and MERIDIAN technology also make for an immersive experience. Finally, when you’re turning up the rap music for some casual laundry folding (you’re still cool, don’t worry), LG TONE Free has heart pumping bass because you’re too busy for weak, tinny gangsta rap.


I know you’re busy, so I’ll wrap this up real quick. We’ve got a whole home full of solutions to help you in your busy day-to-day, and a whole host of local experts ready to help you discover them. Come see us today!