LG Connected Home

There really is an app for that! Learn about how LG's ThinQ app can connect you with your appliances like never before.

LG has a wide range of really cool, intelligent and stylish appliances to suit your home. From washers and dryers to fridges, TVs and more, LG can really deliver on the whole home solution. What ties all of these appliances together apart from their smart design and features is the ThinQ app.

With the ThinQ app you can interact with your appliances on a whole new level.


Use the ThinQ app with your washing machine and dryer. Put the laundry on and receive a push notification to your phone when it’s finished. Throw it in the dryer and you can either start it now or use the ThinQ app to remotely start it if you want to. Receive another notification when it’s finished and you’ll no longer forget your washing in the dryer for days and days and days. Download extra washer and dryer cycles so your machines are perfectly tailored to your needs, and monitor their power usage and run diagnostics if needed, all through the app.


Get a notification on your phone when the dishwasher is finished so you’re reminded to unload it and reload it ASAP - leading to a nice clean kitchen! You can also download new wash cycles for your dishwasher, and run diagnostics if you need to using the ThinQ app.

Vacuum Cleaner

Monitor and maintain your CordZero vacuum cleaner from your ThinQ app. Check the status of the filter and be notified when the battery is finished charging, run diagnostics and check out your cleaning history. If you’re like me then you love data, and I love having all this information at hand.


ThinQ makes the absolute best of your smart TV. Compatible models will feature a home screen where you can monitor all of your connected devices mentioned above so the TV can truly become the technological hub of your home. Some models will even allow you to use the ThinQ app to control your TV using natural voice recognition!

Connecting it all together

LG’s ThinQ app is an industry leader in connecting you to your appliances and helping you to monitor, maintain and enhance their functionality to make your life easier (and cooler!).

Come in to one of our stores to check out LG’s range of incredible appliances today or you can shop online.

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