New Season Aircons with Air Purification

We don’t often think about air conditioners with air purification to help with allergies. We explore how this works.

It’s warm again! Hurrah. It’s also allergy season again! Achoo. When it’s warm outside and you’re allergic to all of nature it might be a good idea to invest in an air conditioner that both cools down your space and cleans and purifies the air so you can breathe easily.

When we think of air conditioners we usually only think of them in terms of how effectively and efficiently they can cool or even heat the space, and the running costs associated. We don’t often think about the other functions they can serve like air purification to help with allergies.

Today we’ll run through some new season air conditioners and how they can work for you.

Panasonic Z Series (XKR)

Panasonic’s Z Series Split System air conditioners combine heating, cooling and air purification all in one unit.

Heating and Cooling

Panasonic’s Z Series air conditioners are designed for Australian households with a wide operating temperature range. They can still cool your house effectively when it’s 46° outside and still heat your house effectively when it’s -15°, perfect no matter where in Australia you live. Panasonic air conditioners are some of the quietest in the world so you can still sleep or hear the TV in comfort whilst cooling down.

With compact outdoor units built tough to withstand the damage caused by salty beach air, dust, wind and rain, and the indoor unit being reduced in physical size but still with the same powerful output the Z Series will fit easily into your house.

WiFi and App connectivity with intuitive voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa capabilities and a range of control options you can be sure a Panasonic Z Series air con will also fit into your lifestyle.

Air Purification

Panasonic’s Nanoe X Technology is an innovative air purification system to keep your living space clean for your family. Nanoe X purifies your air 24 hours a day, either independently of or at the same time that your air conditioner is running.

Here’s a list of the benefits of Nanoe X Air Purification:

  • Active Deodorisation: Nanoe x eliminates frequently encountered odours
  • Inhibition of bacteria and viruses: Nanoe X envelops and inhibits the activity of airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Inhibition of pollen and major allergens: Nanoe X effectively inhibits a variety of pollens, mould and common allergens all year round

Haier Pinnacle Split System Air Conditioning

The Haier Pinnacle Split System Air Conditioner has a range of smart features to keep you cool and breathing healthy, clean air.

Heating and Cooling

The Haier Pinnacle features Coanda Plus airflow which moves the wind out of the unit faster, further and stronger giving the effect of every corner of the room being cooled or heated with even air circulation.

If you’re needing comfort in a hurry you can switch on Turbo mode, where the motor and fan work at a higher frequency and cool or heat the room in a short time. Ah, relief. 

Finally, switch the unit to Sleep mode when you go to bed and the unit will raise, lower or maintain the temperature throughout the night to give you comfy all night long.

Designed for easy installation and maintenance, the Pinnacle also features App and WiFi connectivity to fit into both your house and your lifestyle with ease.

Air Purification

The Pinnacle features built-in UV control which kills airborne hazards as air circulates through the unit, delivering healthy air for your to breathe. The anti-bacteria rate of the UVC module is 99.9%. A carbon filter and anti-bacterial silver ion coating also help to filter and kill bacteria.

The Pinnacle also has a Self-Cleaning function for continued clean, fresh air. The Self-Clean function stops dirt from accumulating on the heat exchanger, reducing the growth of mould and bacteria.

Hisense V Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

The Hisense V Series air conditioner boasts some pretty cool connectivity and air purification features as well as being an effective and efficient air conditioner.

Heating and Cooling

The Hisense V Series features 360° full DC inverter technology and an inner air duct and advanced louver fin to achieve faster cooling or heating while using significantly less energy than other air conditioners.

Featuring an Eco Mode you can further minimise power consumption so you can keep cool without a huge bill shock which is defs not cool. Other features you might enjoy are a Sleep Mode, Quiet Mode for reduced noise, and Smart Mode to automatically set and maintain the temperature and airflow based on optimal room temperatures. There’s even an IFEEL function which adjusts the room temperature based on a sensor located in the remote.

There’s also Wi-Fi and App connectivity as well as voice control through Google Assistant, the V Series has all the modern tech functions you’ve come to expect. 

The V Series are also built and designed for the hot Australian summer conditions - withstanding ambient temperatures of up to 50°C. A sleek, minimalist design also fits into your interior decor, whether it’s modern, scandi, coastal, industrial or any other trendy interior design theme you’ve seen on the Block.

Air Purification

The V Series features built-in HI-NANO technology, which is an air purification system that can effectively eliminate airborne bacteria within two hours of operation, as well as inhibit pollutants, allergens, moulds, pollens, odours and more. Also working to purify the air and keep the unit clean is the Silver Ion filter which traps bacteria and airborne impurities, and also prevents mould build up. 

The V Series also features patented self-cleaning technology which reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance and extends the life of the unit.

Clean, Cool Air

This is just the start of the air conditioner and air purification ranges we’ve got in store. Come down to your local Bi-Rite and talk to one of our local experts about which model would suit your home.

Don’t forget to read up about new energy ratings labels so you can go in store just that bit more prepared. It feels good!

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