Our Picks for the Best TVs of 2024

New TV season is that magical time of year when the best television brands bring out their new models. Deciding on a new TV is tricky, so we've taken the guesswork out of finding the best TV in 2024. Here's our picks for the top television models so you can find the perfect one based on your needs.

Best Value for Money TV - TCL C655 Series

TCL's C655 QLED TV series boasts a range of features with a price tag that's easy on the wallet. Here's why it's our pick for the best budget TV of 2024.

Starting with picture quality, the C655 has a QLED panel. QLED refers to the Quantum Dot film which makes up part of the TV panel. The QLED layer creates bright, bold colours and contrast.

On top of the QLED panel, the C655 has an AI picture quality processor (AiPQ) to analyse content to optimise output. The AiPQ processor will optimise the picture for clarity, colour, contrast and motion.

For sound quality, the C655 has DTS Virtual:X, DTS-HD and Dolby Atmos audio processors built in. These work together to create a three-dimensional audio experience, where the sound seems to be around you rather than just coming out of the TV. For power and bass, the C655 comes with ONKYO 2.1 CH Hi-Fi and Subwoofer built in.

In addition to quality picture and sound, the C655 supports the top streaming apps and Smart Home assistants.

TCL C655 Series TV mounted on a wall with a scene showing a blue river cutting through yellow bushland.

Best Gaming TV - TCL C755 Series

TCL's C755 QD-Mini LED Google TV series features a solid feature set designed for good gaming.

Modern games have production values as high as movies, so a good gaming TV needs to provide quality picture and sound. The C755 has AI processors built in to optimise colour range, vibrancy and contrast for a crisp, brilliant picture. Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X audio processors create an immersive and realistic surround sound effect. ONKYO 2.0 CH 50W Hi-Fi speakers create stereo sound and bring the bass.

If you've ever played a horror game like Resident Evil, you know the value of good picture and sound. Seeing minute details and hearing creepy, quiet sounds enhances the overall gaming experience.

The C755 has a host of gaming features designed for good gameplay. Strap in, lads, this is the techy part:

  • Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for reduced input lag.
  • 144Hz Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) creates crisp gameplay visuals without blurring or choppiness.
  • HDMI 2.1 ports for smooth visuals, best for gaming consoles (PS5 and XBox Series X are both designed for HDMI2.1).
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology for fluid, low latency visuals and HDR colour accuracy.
  • Game Bar menu for easy screenshotting, Shadow Enhancement and even Aiming Aid for a flawless headshot every time.

If you use your TV for more than gaming, the C755 has more to love. The Google TV operating system supports all your favourite streaming apps. It also supports Smart Home connectivity through Apple AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Overall it's a good TV for all content, but it wins our vote for best TV for gaming in 2024.

A TCL C755 Series TV is mounted on a wall with a glowing blue light behind it. On the screen is a futuristic purple cityscape with a hover car. A man in the foreground has a game controller in his hand and is celebrating.

Best TV for Sports - Hisense U8NAU ULED Mini-LED Pro Series

The Hisense U8NAU ULED Mini-LED Pro Series TVs feature a range of technologies that are ideal for watching sport.

When watching sport you need to be able to see the action clearly and in detail. The U8NAU series combines a Mini-LED panel with Hisense's own ULED technology.

A Mini-LED panel is backlit with tiny LEDs for more precise brightness and dimming. Mini-LED backlights can create a vast range of colours and contrast. They also have a wide viewing angle and are more energy efficient than OLED TVs.

Hisense ULED combines a range of technologies: Ultra Wide Colour Gamut, Ultra Local Dimming, Ultra 4K Resolution and Ultra Smooth Motion Rate. The result is vivid and realistic image quality, with optimised colour, contrast, brightness and motion.

Together they create a picture that's bright and detailed with smooth motion - perfect for sport.

The U8NAU series also comes with AI Sports Mode, which enhances the picture in two ways. First, it uses MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) to make low frame rate content look smoother by adding frames. Second, it uses 3D Noise Reduction to clear up grainy or pixelated images. Together they create a fluid and dynamic sports picture.

Between seasons you can also use the U8NAU for gaming and movies! More to love:

  • Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10+ Adaptive adjust the TV to the light in the room for reduced glare.
  • 144Hz Game Mode Pro combines a range of tech for great console gaming.
  • IMAX Enhanced certified so you know the movie watching will be incredible.
  • Dolby Atmos and Multi-Channel 2.1.2 Surround create powerful, realistic sound.
  • Supports all the top streaming apps and Google Home, Apple Home, AirPlay and Amazon Alexa.
Image shows a Hisense U8NAU Series TV mounted on a wall with a digital pattern of yellow, gold and some purple tones winding across the screen.

Best QLED TV - Samsung Q60D QLED 4K Smart TV series

Our pick for the best QLED TV of 2024 is Samsung's Q60D QLED 4K Smart TV series. Samsung leads the field in QLED, which is not surprising because Samsung invented QLED.

With the Quantum Dot layer built into the panel, the Q60D delivers intense, bright colours. On top of the QLED panel, Samsung's built in processors upscale low res content to 4K or near 4K resolution.

For sound, the Q60D features adaptive sound that adjusts to your surroundings and noise levels in the room. Also included is object tracking sound where the sound follows the action across the screen, creating a surround sound effect.

Where Samsung really shines is design. The Q60D has what Samsung calls an AirSlim design with a very thin profile and built in cable management. Sold separately is Samsung's Slim Fit wall mount, to hang your TV close to the wall like a picture.

When you aren't watching you can set this model to Ambient Mode, turning it into wall art. It can play relaxing imagery, famous artwork, your own pictures, music or even blend into your wall (depending on what colour your wall is).

For those requiring Smart Home connectivity, the Q60D works with Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay and Google Home.

A Samsung D60D Series QLED TV is mounted on a wall with a sunset meadow scene playing on the scree.

Best TV of 2024 - LG OLED C4 Series

If you're looking to go straight to the top, our pick for the best TV of 2024 is the LG C4 Series. Boasting LG's incredible OLED technology, and packed with tech features, there's a whole lot to love about this model.

The picture quality is second to none thanks to the C4's OLED panel. OLEDs are an advanced TV panel technology where each pixel is self-illuminating. In a traditional LED LCD display the backlight is often shared between pixels, which causes light to bleed into dark on the screen. OLEDs are self-illuminating and no light is shared between pixels, which eliminates light bleed. The result is rich, deep blacks, bright whites and bold colours.

OLED TVs also have a very wide viewing angle, so every seat on the lounge becomes the best seat in the house.

The picture quality is powered by the alpha 9 AI Gen7 processor, which uses advanced algorithms to improve picture and sound. The alpha 9 processor also upscales content for fine-tuned resolution and colour. It also algorithmically controls brightness, boosting it when needed. For optimal viewing, the display also responsively adjusts to the brightness in the room.

The alpha 9 processor also drives the C4's immaculate sound quality. It analyses content and optimises the sound for both the content and the room the TV is in. With Dolby Atmos included, the C4 creates a virtual surround sound effect with clarity, balance and impact.

Beyond the picture and sound, the C4 would also be a great gaming TV. OLEDs are highly responsive displays for low input lag, and are easy on the eyes so you can stare at them for hours. Adaptive synchronisation tech NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium come built in to create quality graphics in motion. The C4 also features an on-screen Game Dashboard and Game Optimiser so you can fiddle with the settings without leaving your game.

For casual viewing of movies and TV shows, LG's webOS supports the top streaming services. Also supported are Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and AppleHome voice assistants.

The combination of picture, sound, and technology makes this our pick as the top TV for 2024.

An LG C4PSA Series OLED TV is on a stand in a grey room with a close up of a bright red coral showing on the screen.

Best Add On - The Soundbar

The best thing you can buy for your new TV is a Soundbar. No matter what you use your TV for, a Soundbar will make it better.

Soundbars bring the bass for incredible music and movie viewing. Spatial sound - where the sound is all around you - creates an immersive experience. A Soundbar will also make spoken dialogue easier to hear and understand over the top of background noises.

Using a Soundbar for gaming will enhance the audio effects for all types of games. The horror games we mentioned earlier? What if you could hear the creepy whispers off to one side now as if they're in the room with you? If you're not using a headset for gaming then consider using a Soundbar.

All the TV brands we've covered here have matching Soundbars. Getting the matching Soundbar will usually make connecting to the TV simpler and more straightforward.

You can read more about Soundbars here.

Best Accessory - The Wall Mount

If you're going to buy a new TV, the best accessory we recommend is a wall mount. Mounting your TV on the wall is safer for those with small children or pets. It's also a much nicer, more modern aesthetic.

Ask your local appliance enthusiasts at Bi-Rite for the right wall mount for your new TV.

Find the Best TV Near You

All these televisions come in a wide range of screen sizes to suit your home. Visit a Bi-Rite Home Appliances store near you to talk to one of our experts. They can help you find the perfect TV for your home, and organise delivery and installation if required.

For further reading on how to pick the right size TV for your home, check out our blog on how to get Big TV Energy.

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