TV, Soundbar and Headphones: The Three Best Friends

TV, Soundbar and Headphones are the three best friends of home entertainment. Learn how these three work together to create the best home entertainment experience for you.

Many of my blogs tell a story of features, of benefits, technological advancements, loud speakers and whisper quiet operation. Not today, mates, today I’m telling a story of friendship. Of mateship - the quintessential Australianism that binds us together. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the match made in heaven that is TV and Audio.


Buying a TV without a soundbar is like buying a cake without icing. Sure it’s fine, many people love cake (myself included), it’s still nice. If you had to choose between a cake without icing and a cake with icing though you’re picking icing every time. The perfect texture difference and super saccharine sweetness of the icing just gives that extra edge that elevates a cake from just being a nice thing to being the nicest thing.

The soundbar I’m talking about today, which is the icing on your TV’s cake, is the LG S65Q Soundbar. Boasting a powerful 420W and 3.1 Channels, it has immersive, rich sound which gives a surround sound effect. The real story though is how it's designed to go perfectly with an LG TV. With TV Sound Mode Share, the soundbar will use your LG TV’s AI Processor to analyse the media you’re playing and deliver clear, accurate sound.

To up the convenience factor you can use your LG TV’s Magic Remote to control the soundbar as well - eliminating the need to keep track of multiple remotes all the time. It also features Meridian Audio Technology. Meridian is a pioneer of high-resolution audio, which is where sound is more accurate and true to the source material, so you’re hearing content and media exactly the way it’s intended. Amazing!


Naturally, you need a TV to pair your soundbar with (and vice versa) and the S65Q’s best mate today is the LG 55 inch OLED 4K A2 Smart TV. OLED is an industry leading TV panel technology that creates beautiful colours, crisp images and the blackest of blacks. You’ve never seen colour on a TV quite like the colour of an OLED - with this model you can experience real colour in real 4K (more on TV resolution here). LG OLED is also easy on the eyes, emitting less blue light than conventional TV panels. This model supports all of your favourite streaming services, and a range of modes to suit your media, whether you’re watching TV, movies, or even gaming.

LG oled TV front view


There’s a third friend in this trio of friends! Often overlooked, the humble set of true wireless headphones can help you watch all of your favourite TV media and content, your YouTube murder mysteries, your Netflix serial killer documentaries, but in secret. If you’re worried the TV will wake up your kids, or you have someone who works night shift sleeping during the day, or there's any other reason why you want the sound directly in your ear holes and nowhere else, the LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds feature Active Noise Cancellation - meaning they cancel out background noises so you don’t miss a second of the action on the TV.


lg tone free headphones

They have a comfortable contoured design and run for up to 8 hours on a single charge, or a whopping total of 22 hours including the charging case, so you can wear them comfortably while watching a whole season, so you can wear them comfortably while watching a whole season of Making a Murderer. They have clear, beautiful sound and deep bass to really make you feel the action on the screen.

A good pair of headphones to wirelessly connect to your TV is the missing link in your TV experience that you didn’t know you needed. You have the TV for amazing picture quality for all your media content, a soundbar for immersive and incredible sound and headphones for when you need that immersive and incredible sound but also don’t want to bother anyone else in the house. Naturally the headphones also carry through to your computer, laptop and phone so they’re truly an investment piece to improve your life.

The Three Best Friends

TV, Soundbar and Headphones - the three best friends! LG has a solution for all three and they all work together to create the best home entertainment experience no matter what your favourite content is.

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