The New Hisense TV Range for 2024

Explore the new Hisense TV range for 2024. There's a Hisense TV for everyone in this buying guide showcasing the new Hisense TV lineup.

Do you like to stay up to date with the latest in TV tech? Same. Each year all the major TV brands bring out a new range of televisions packed with new features and brimming with tech. We've recently named our Best TVs of 2024.

Now we're taking a deeper dive, starting with Hisense.

Hisense is all about offering quality products and innovation that just make sense for the Australian lifestyle. Their 2024 TV line up has a TV for everyone no matter what you like to watch. Gamers, cinephiles, MAFS addicts alike can all delight in a new Hisense TV.

This guide will break down each model to help you understand which Hisense TV would be best for you.

Entry-Level - Hisense Q6NAU Series

The Q6NAU Series TVs have a solid set of features included at a very reasonable price point.
A Hisense Q6NAU Series TV on a beige wall with a coloured swirling pattern on the screen


The Q6NAU features a 4K QLED panel, which creates vibrant colours and contrast. The built in 4K AI Upscaler will upscale low res content to 4K or near 4K quality (depending on source material). Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Decoding enhance and optimise colours, contrast and detail.


The Q6NAU has Dolby Atmos included for audio with depth and clarity.
Smart Features and Connectivity

The Q6NAU runs on the VIDAA U7 Smart TV operating system which makes it easy to switch between apps and devices. Supported streaming services include Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Kayo, Foxtel, Stan iView, and Freeview Plus.

The Q6NAU is Google Home and Apple AirPlay compatible.

This model also features Filmmaker and AI Sports Modes which optimise picture and sound to suit the content.

The Verdict

The Q6NAU has decent picture and sound quality, supports most major streaming services and is Smart Home compatible. This is a good option for those looking for a good value TV suited for general viewing.

Mid-Range/Step-Up Entry - Hisense U6NAU Series

A Hisense U6NAU Series TV on its own with a green abstract pattern on the screen with a trophy.

We call this model a Step-Up Entry model because it’s got the solid feature set of the Entry Level with just a bit more. Hisense's U6NAU Series TVs go a step further in picture quality, technology and smart features. These TVs are good all-rounders with added features for gamers.

The U6NAU is also a great entry level Mini-LED TV.


The U6NAU features a 4K QLED panel with Mini-LED backlighting. The combination of the two technologies results in bright, bold colours and sharp contrast. It also utilises Dynamic Tone Mapping which adjusts the panel's dimming zones in real time. This balances shadows and highlights for each frame for a superb picture.

The U6NAU is compatible with all major HDR formats (Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG). This ensures optimised clarity, colour range and contrast for a vast range of content. This model also includes 4K Upscaling to improve the resolution of low res content.

The Ambient Adaptive display will also adjust brightness and colours to suit the lighting in the room.


The U6NAU has Dolby Atmos included for audio with depth and clarity and a virtual surround sound effect.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The U6NAU also utilises the VIDAA U7 Smart TV operating system, and supports the major streaming services.

This model is compatible with Google Home, Apple Home and Apple AirPlay. It's also compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, so you can control the TV with your voice. Voice Control is also built into the remote.

The U6NAU features AI Sports Mode, Filmmaker Mode and Game Mode Plus.

The Verdict

The U6NAU series is a brilliant all-rounder TV which would suit families with diverse viewing needs. If you enjoy watching content from different sources, this TV's HDR compatibility will make sure the picture looks great.

Best Hisense TV for Gaming - U7NAU Series

The Hisense U7NAU is packed with heaps of features and technology for a premium gaming experience.
A Hisense U7NAU series TV on a beige wall with a dark red, yellow and blue abstract pattern on the screen.


The U7NAU features a ULED panel with Mini-LED PRO backlighting. ULED describes a collection of patented Hisense technologies designed for a superior picture. ULED combines the following technologies: Ultra Local Dimming, Ultra Wide Colour Gamut, Ultra 4K Resolution and Ultra Smooth Rate. The combination of these results in a vivid and realistic picture, with optimised colour, brightness and motion.

Part of the ULED panel is a QLED layer, designed to create bold and bright colours. Hisense's Mini-LED PRO technology features LEDs that are 50 times smaller than traditional LEDs. Smaller LEDs mean there are lots more of them in the panel. This minimises light bleed and keeps the picture sharp and clear.

The 4K Upscaler in this model is powered by the Hi-View Engine PRO processor. It algorithmically analyses and adjusts each pixel in real-time for effective upscaling of low res content.

Like the U6NAU, U7NAU is also compatible with all major HDR formats. It also features the Total Ambient Adaptive display. This means the display responsively adjusts brightness and colours to match the brightness and warmth in the room.


The U7NAU also utilises Dolby Atmos for depth and clarity. This model also has a subwoofer built-in for rumbling bass without external speakers.

Gaming Features

Gamers will love the 144Hz Game Mode Pro. Ultra fast 144Hz Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) creates crispy game visuals.

Other gamer-friendly features:

  • Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) reduces input lag
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for fluid, low latency motion
  • HDMI 2.1 ports (PS5 and XBox Series X are both designed for HDMI 2.1)

Smart Features and Connectivity

The U7NAU utilises the VIDAA U7 Smart TV operating system, and supports the major streaming services.

For Smart Home users it's compatible with Google Home, Apple Home and Apple AirPlay. Control the TV with your voice with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The remote also has Voice Control built in.

More picture modes in this model include Standard, Enhanced, Filmmaker, Cinema, Energy Saving, Dynamic, and Sports.

This TV also has IMAX Enhanced certification, guaranteeing it delivers IMAX quality picture and sound. This creates an immersive cinematic audio visual experience in the living room.

Bonus! The remote is both solar powered and easily charged via USB-C cable.

The Verdict

The U7NAU is a fantastic TV brimming with smart features and technology. This TV is perfect for console gaming, particularly modern games with high production values.

Premium - Hisense U8NAU Series

A Hisense U8NAU series TV on a beige wooden wall with a golden swirling abstract pattern on the screen.

The Hisense U8NAU is the top of the 2024 range. This model offers a premium entertainment experience regardless of content type. This model has the same Smart Features and Connectivity as the U7NAU, with a much brighter picture and better sound output.


The U8NAU features the same panel combination as the U7NAU, ULED with Mini-LED Pro. It has a 4K Upscaler, works with all major HDR formats, and has a Total Ambient Adaptive display.

The key difference for this model's picture is brightness. The standard unit for measuring screen brightness is "nits".

The U8NAU's brightness peaks at 2800 nits, whereas the U7NAU's peaks at 1500 nits. More brightness means the colours will pop more, with better colour accuracy. It also features a low reflection screen for better viewing in a bright room.


In addition to Dolby Atmos and built in Subwoofer, this model features 2.1.2 Multi-Channel Surround sound. Extra speakers and more power create a superior audio experience.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The features and connectivity for the U8NAU are the same as the U7NAU. It runs on the VIDAA U7 Smart TV operating system. The interface tailors to your preferences for easy access. Access content from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Kayo, Foxtel, Stan iView, Freeview Plus and more.

This model is Smart Home ready, and works with Google Home, Apple AirPlay, Apple Home and Amazon Alexa. You can even use voice commands through the VIDAA platform or Amazon Alexa to control the TV hands free.

Choose a picture mode to suit your content: Standard, Enhanced, Filmmaker, Cinema, Energy Saving, Dynamic or Sports. The different modes are a collection of picture settings organised to suit different content types.

The Verdict

The U8NAU has a similar feature set to the U7NAU, with a brighter picture and better sound. This premium TV is the perfect TV for film buffs.

The Giant One - 100Q7NAU

A Hisense 100 inch 100Q7NAU TV on its own with the word QLED showing over a busy city scene from a video game on the screen.

Can you imagine telling your neighbour you've got a 100 inch TV? Dreams can come true.
Go big and go home with the Hisense 100Q7NAU. To get the same incredible feature set as the U7NAU and U8NAU but in a larger size, opt for the 100Q7NAU.

Accessories - Soundbars

A Hisense soundbar sitting underneath a TV on a wooden TV unit.

Hisense also makes a range of Soundbars to match their TV line up. A matching Soundbar will enhance the experience of most content types, particularly movies. Getting the matching Soundbar will make connection much easier and straightforward. This is because TV brands will generally design them to be used together.

Before we go into the Hisense Soundbar range, let's do a quick rundown of Soundbar features so you know what you're looking at. For more details you can find our Soundbars Explained blog here.

What are Soundbar channels?

The channels (the "ch" part in the name) refer to the number of speakers or sound sources in the Soundbar. More channels mean more directions to "throw" the sound in, which means more immersive sound.

What are Soundbar watts?

The watts refer to the power of the Soundbar (measured in watts). More power = louder and generally clearer sound with the best sound being offered by sound bars that support Dolby Atmos

What is a Soundbar decoder?

The decoder is technology that tells the Soundbar how to play multichannel audio for the best effect. To get the most out of your decoder, look for a Soundbar that connects via HDMI (all the below ones do).

Can you wall mount a Soundbar?

Yes! All of these models can be wall mounted under your TV for a clean aesthetic. All of these models come with a wall mount kit included.

Entry Level - Hisense 2.1CH Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer HS2100

This is a great Soundbar if you're setting up your media room for the first time. Add depth to your music, movies and TV shows with the 5.25" ultra-slim wireless subwoofer. Connect to a compatible Hisense TV and use the same remote to control both the TV and Soundbar.

Channels: 2.1 Channel Speakers means it has 2 speakers in the unit and a subwoofer included.
Power (watts): 240 watts of power.
Decoder: Dolby and DTS Virtual:X.
Connections: HDMI, Bluetooth, Optical, AUX and USB.

Step-Up Entry Level - HS3100 - 3.1 Ch Sound Bar

The HS3100 Soundbar is a step up in the number of channels and power. This means louder, clearer sound in more directions. It includes all the same features as the HS2100 with extra speakers, more power and a bigger subwoofer.

Channels: 3.1 Channels with 6 speakers in total.
Power (watts): 480 watts of power.
Decoder: Dolby and DTS Virtual:X.
Connections: HDMI, Bluetooth, Optical, AUX and USB.

Step-Up Premium AX5100G - Dolby Atmos 5.1Ch Sound Bar

The AX5100G is a great option if you're serious about your sound. This is a definite upgrade from the previous models due to the inclusion of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X Premium decoders. With wireless rear speakers and subwoofer, audio is realistic and immersive.

This model also features an AI Equalizer to optimise audio for each scene. You can also use the pre-set equalizer modes (movie, music, night, news, spots and game).
Channels: 5.1 Channels with 7 speakers total.
Power (watts): 340 watts.
Decoder: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Premium
Connections: Bluetooth, HDMI eARC, USB, Optical, AUX & Coaxial connection points

Premium - AX5120G - Dolby Atmos 5.1.2Ch Sound Bar

A Hisense Dolby Atmos 5.1Ch Sound Bar on the right at an extreme close up, on the left is an image showing soundwaves bouncing around a room to illustrate the surround sound created by the soundbar.

This is the top of the Hisense Soundbar range. The AX5120G has many of the same premium features as the AX5100G with more power and speakers.
The two extra speakers on this unit are up-firing speakers, so they direct sound upwards. This creates a true surround sound experience.

The AX5120G also features the AI Equalizer and pre-set equalizer modes of the previous models. You can connect this to a compatible Hisense TV and control both TV and Soundbar with one remote.

Channels: 5.1.2 Channels with 9 speakers total. This includes the speakers in the Soundbar, wireless subwoofer and wireless rear speakers.
Power (watts): 420 watts.
Decoder: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Premium.
Connections: HDMI eARC, HDMI Input, Bluetooth, Optical & AUX connection points.


All Hisense TVs come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty for your piece of mind.

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