All New Westinghouse Air Conditioners

We explore the all new Westinghouse Air Conditioning range. Westinghouse has a rich history of offering Australians high-quality appliances that make our lives easier and more comfortable, and their air conditioners are no exception. 

We’re a sunburned country, and one thing we can’t seem to live without is our air conditioners. Westinghouse has come through with a new range of split system air conditioners set to bring you year round comfort in your home. Let’s take a deep dive into these nice bits of newness.


Westinghouse split system air conditioners have many smart features that make it easy to cool or heat your home.

Managing the unit is easy because of the user-friendly controls and app connectivity. This allows you to adjust settings using your phone at any time. Turn it on and take the remote with you and the FollowMe mode will adjust the temperature based on the remote’s location for maximum personal comfort.

Operation is super quiet and unobtrusive, like good air conditioning should be. There’s a backlit LED display so you can see the temperature at a glance, but if you don’t like lights on while you sleep you can turn the light off with your remote.

Self clean functions combined with minimal maintenance requirements make it so you almost never need to worry about your Westinghouse air conditioner.


But does it actually work? Westinghouse air conditioners feature 3D Air which circulates air out in all different directions. This ensures that the room is evenly heated or cooled, with no hot or cold spots, creating a comfortable temperature throughout.

Most people know that one of the primary motivations for buying an air conditioner is being able to sleep comfortably at night. Westinghouse’s air conditioner models feature Sleep Mode, which creates the ideal environment for you to sleep in. In Sleep Mode the unit will automatically adjust the temperature and fan speed as well as gradually increase or decrease the temperature while you sleep. This prevents overheating or that feeling of waking up frozen in the wee hours of the night.

HEPA 13 and Cold Catalyst filters combine in the one air conditioner unit for a cleaner, healthier environment. They filter out bacteria and other nasties, and they’re easy to clean too.

Westinghouse Air Conditioners feature a sleek, unobtrusive design as well as power and efficiency.


Energy efficiency is often the biggest concern when purchasing an air conditioner. Air conditioning can be notoriously hard on your energy bills but the Westinghouse air conditioning range has a clever bit of technology to help ease your mind.

Westinghouse DC Inverter technology makes for more efficient heating and cooling than non-DC Inverter models. The DC Inverter system adapts the cooling and heating output to match your preferred temperature. This ensuring a steady and comfortable environment while also saving energy.


You can control your Westinghouse Air Conditioner from anywhere, any time with the +Home App. Adjust the temperature, set a schedule and check energy usage easily from your phone.

The +Home app integrates with Google and Amazon voice assistants for maximum control with minimal effort.

The range

All the air conditioners in the Westinghouse range come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The range comes in five different sizes, and here’s a table showing roughly the room size suitable for each model.


Recommended Room Size

WSD27HWA 2.7kW Small bedroom or study
WSD36HWA 3.6kW Media room or dining room
WSD51HWA 5.1kW Large bedroom, mid sized living or dining areas or a home office
WSD73HWA 7.3kW and WSD91HWA 9.1kW  Large or open plan areas, rooms with high ceilings.

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