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Sunbeam DiamondForce Electric Cookware: More than a cool name

For good meals worthy of a good gossip, you need good appliances. Good appliances with good features and cool names. Here’s the Sunbeam DiamondForce range of electric cookware.

Old v New Energy Ratings Explained

When buying appliances most people will check the energy ratings, particularly for things like air conditioners which have the potential to use a truck load of electricity. This is smart, keep doing it, and if you don't know how then this blog will teach you.

Your guide to Convection Microwaves

Convection Microwaves are a versatile piece of cooking machinery. Heat, defrost, bake, roast, grill and sometimes steam, they do it all. If you’ve been in the market for a new microwave, read on and find out if a convection microwave is right for you.

Fresh Laundry Fresh Features

Here’s some fresh models with fresh features to look for in your next washer and dryer.

Soundbars and you: what’s a soundbar and why do you need one?

There’s a few reasons why a soundbar is a great idea for your TV. I'll run through them today and recommend some good ones

Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your appliances will ensure their longevity and keep them in good working condition. Today we’ll run through a few things you can do to clean and maintain the small kitchen appliances in your home.

Man Cave Essentials

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a home, must be in want of a man cave. You need your space for your manly things, and the manliest of spaces is a cave.

Grillin’ Like A Villain: The BeefEater Bugg Portable BBQ

The BBQ is traditionally the dad’s domain. Barbecued food is very satisfying to cook, brings us together in the backyard and is also extremely delicious. What’s not to love? Before you can get stuck into your steaks, you need a BBQ to get your grill on.

Factsheet – Bissell SpotClean and Bissell CrossWave

I have a secret. A terrible, horrible secret. You see, sometimes my house is a mess. Not like the “my house is so messy” you say to your guests after you’ve cleaned for hours. No...

Appliances For the New Parent

So you’re becoming a parent. Whether having a baby, adopting, or fostering, your life will change. Here are some appliances the new parent might find helpful.

All About LG OLEDs: A Fact Sheet

OLED, LCD, QLED, CRT, LED, Mini LED - it’s easy to get lost in the alphabet soup of TV technologies. If you’re in the market for a new TV, the technology you really need to know about is OLED.

Test Driving the Russell Hobbs Desire Matte Black Kitchen Machine

The Russell Hobbs Desire Matte Black Kitchen Machine has your food prep needs all the way covered, I took one for a test drive and here’s what happened.

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